You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

It turns out, I'm not going to Pohang after all.

My co-teacher handed me the schedule for tomorrow's, erm, Winter Vacation Opening Ceremony. From 9:30 to 11 am we have to be outside and watch speeches. Grand. Then, she asked about Pohang. I swear up and down that she may have mentioned a workshop or something like it, but she NEVER said where we were going or for how long. She claims she asked if my girlfriend would be upset. Why would Su-jin be upset about me doing something for my job?

Either way, she kept asking if I wanted to go. I said if I have to go I will, but I don't WANT to go. This went on for about 5 minutes. Finally, I told her I wouldn't be very comfortable. They plan to have meetings about curriculum. The meetings won't be in English. These don't interest or involve me at all. Nothing that I do will in the classroom will change.

She also told me that we'd be staying at the same place I recieved my "training." That clinched it. The food is dreadful, the accomodations are pitiful and the location is perhaps the most boring spot in Korea.

There was also a 30% chance that I would get into a fistfight with one of the obnoxious assbag teachers during lunch. I had the scenario all worked out. I would sit down with a lunch that is lacking in sidedishes and smaller than my coworkers. One of them would eyeball my tray and start making comments to the lacky on his left. I would leap across the table and go for the dude's neck because I am fed up with the comments about my plate. This goes against every western sensibility I have. I was taught to keep my eyes on my own plate. I guess these jokers were brought up by a lousy mom. Why are they so interested in my plate? Why? Next semester, I start packing my own lunches. They'll shit a gold baby.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Christmas in Korea is an interesting holiday. On the one hand, Korea tries to resist all things western(with little success), but on the other hand, there are a lot of christians here. I get the impression that Korean Christmas is a holiday for children and couples. It doesn't really seem to be that big a deal for most families. At least as big of a deal as it is for western cultures.

I spent my Christmas with Su-jin and her puppy. We met in the early afternoon. We actually bought a small tree this year and opened presents. Su-jin got a coffee press, coffee, two mugs(pink for her, red for me), a picture frame from my Aunt Randi(thank you!) and a few gifts from my family that I can't seem to recall. Su-jin gave me a black and burgundy White Sox scarf and a DVD. I also got some tea from her mom.

We made a pancake lunch together. I cooked the pancakes(I am an expert) and Su-jin made the bacon. Then, we pressed some coffee and ate pancakes with Canadien(boo!) maple syrup.

Then, we watched Christmas movies all day. We started with the 1964 claymation Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Bad Santa and ended with Love Actually. Su-jin cooked an awesome dinner with beef and vegetables.

A fun time was had by all.

I just taught my last class for 2008. Yay! I also just found out that I have to go to Pohang for 1 day and 2 nights with my cockbag co-workers. If it were any longer there would either be a dead foreigner lying on the beach or the entire faculty would be found slaughtered at a hotel. I'm going to try to find a way out of this. I may call in sick. They've avoided doing stuff like this all year. Now, after being assholes for a solid 5 months, they want to have a group outing. In Pohang. Grand. I may spend the entire trip pretending to sleep.

They can't possibly make me come, can they? Seriously.

Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here's the latest on yesterday's government smackdown.

The money quote...

""Unprecedented violence made it difficult for our committee members to discuss the details of the motion, so as chairman I had to make a quick decision,'' Park was quoted as saying."

From the Joongang Daily...

The money quote...

"“Today will be remembered as the day that the National Assembly was insulted,” said Democratic Party Chairman Chung Sye-kyun."

The said fact is that the FTA is dead anyway. I believe President Elect Obama is on record as saying that he won't sign it as is.

Kevin claps for Ann - Watch more Free Videos

Tony Can't Cut Bread - Watch more Free Videos

Joon lost his sock - Watch more Free Videos

Joon is a little creepy - Watch more Free Videos

This quartet of videos is from the curriculum that gets taught in public schools here in Korea. It's part of my jobs to screen these and then have a "discussion" about them. Really, my goal is to get the kids trying to make a sentence. Either way, these are some of the more ridiculous videos that we've seen. The white kid, "Kevin," is played by the worst child actor in the history of film...and he's dubbed.

Parliament erupted in violence yesterday for some reason. You'd think someone cheated at a ice skating or something. There are some days that I'm really happy I live in Daegu. Today is one of them. The 4th and 5th pictures made my day. I can't wait to work these pics into a lesson somehow.


Monday, December 15, 2008

I just found this gem. I'm not sure what the purpose of the article is, but I like the drawing of the foreigner that accompanied it. Also, I know that I, for one, walk around saying things like, "English!" all day long. The drawing of the Japanese guy is way off. This would have been more appropriate.

Okay, those last 2 music videos were waaaaaaaay too toxic. This is an old favorite of mine and will work as a palate cleanser.

I'm terribly sick. I came down with a cold about 2 weeks ago and I'm just now getting over it. The first week was pure pain. I would come to work, nap until it was time for class, get through class without vomiting, then nap again during my breaks. Su-jin was absolutely perfect. She took really good care of me that first weekend. The next week was a blur. I would work and sleep and not much else. This week I've added "playing Fallout 3" to my reportoire. I may or may not add "dinner" this week.

These two videos are not for the weak of heart. They're probably better than Korean teenagers getting slapped around, but not by much. I usually try to post music videos that I like or are legitimately cool. I grew up with MTV actually playing music videos. I'll always be a sucker for a quality music video. These... are not should not be liked by anyone, are not cool and are not quality. Watch at your own peril.

This is advanced viewing. I only made it to 1:47. One of my students was looking over my shoulder. He punched me in the arm at 1:03

This is also advanced viewing. I only made it to 1:09. In the race to keep me out of America forever, B44 and "Brokencyde" have built up a large, large lead.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Great moments in education...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

We had a school gathering of sorts yesterday. We played a Korean game called "Yutnori." It involves 4 sticks and is essentially like Korean dice, except it's painfully dull and the scoring system is virtually unexplainable and indecipherable. There is also no skill involved in this game. It's completely random. You throw the sticks and whatever happens, happens.

Each grade had its own team of teachers. I was on the subject teacher's team because I am a subject teacher. The principal also joined the game. I threw the sticks. Everyone cheered and the principal hit me in the jaw. It was an accident. I was trying to see what all the fuss was about and he wanted to let out a fist pump. So, tackled and punched in the jaw i the same week. I'm calling in sick tomorrow.

My team lost in the first round. Immeadiately after the first round the beers and soju came out. I still can't get over how irresponsible it is to have alcohol in a school.

I've also finished Fallout 3 for xbox 360. Sick, sick, sick game, but the final battle was a little too easy. I was hoping for a real hard fought battle, but it was fairly easy. Whatever, the game was still one of the 3 best I've ever played. The map is HUUUUGE and its easy to get immersed in the world they created. I'm sure I'll pick it up again and go through it slowly. With this time through, I wanted to see the story.

51 days until my vacation.