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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

We had a school gathering of sorts yesterday. We played a Korean game called "Yutnori." It involves 4 sticks and is essentially like Korean dice, except it's painfully dull and the scoring system is virtually unexplainable and indecipherable. There is also no skill involved in this game. It's completely random. You throw the sticks and whatever happens, happens.

Each grade had its own team of teachers. I was on the subject teacher's team because I am a subject teacher. The principal also joined the game. I threw the sticks. Everyone cheered and the principal hit me in the jaw. It was an accident. I was trying to see what all the fuss was about and he wanted to let out a fist pump. So, tackled and punched in the jaw i the same week. I'm calling in sick tomorrow.

My team lost in the first round. Immeadiately after the first round the beers and soju came out. I still can't get over how irresponsible it is to have alcohol in a school.

I've also finished Fallout 3 for xbox 360. Sick, sick, sick game, but the final battle was a little too easy. I was hoping for a real hard fought battle, but it was fairly easy. Whatever, the game was still one of the 3 best I've ever played. The map is HUUUUGE and its easy to get immersed in the world they created. I'm sure I'll pick it up again and go through it slowly. With this time through, I wanted to see the story.

51 days until my vacation.


Anonymous leaf said...

51 days is nothing. I could do 51 days in my sleep.

I want to get fallout 3, but I know that if I do Zwirb will take over the xbox like he did with Oblivion. And then I'll get home from work and he'll be sitting there making potions for 3 hours.

Merry New Year!


8:15 AM  

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