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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Week one of the new semester is all but finished.

I met with the 6th grade English teacher and discussed our first lessons together. Monday...could be...a rough day. I'm not sure if she can manage a classroom effectively. Luckily, she has me to hold her hand for the first week. Lesson one is simple enough and I've got some usable materials from last year and a few new ideas. As far as I can tell, she's introducing herself to the class this week and starts teaching next week. Fingers crossed.

Onto the "I can't believe the balls on some people" category, we get this. Yes, the won isn't doing very well right now, but this really comes off as petty and childish.

I found these last night. I wish I could find the complete documentary. According to Wikipedia, these guys actually won.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why did you stop posting? i've been following your life in korea for years!

1:24 PM  
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