You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Monday, August 28, 2006

I know what I won't be taking with me to Korea...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Well, this was quite the week for me. I was able to make it to Great America to brace myself for the flight. I figure after a few spins on some of the puke rides I'd be fully prepared for my jump over the pond.

My good buddy Rhea was my tag team partner for this adventure. I wound up going 4 for 4 in air hockey against her. I've lost girlfriends over air hockey games and she thought she could hang with me? Ha! The only thing I can compare it to is Jason versus random campers in Friday the 13th movies. She might as well as had sex with some random teenager, at least then she would have scored.

Vertical Velocity is the fastest, most intense coaster I've ever been on. There was also a moment of genuine terror when it sounded like the mechanism locked up while we were hanging upside down. Superman is still my favorite. If you plan to ride on it, sit up front. It's probably the closest I'll ever get to actually "flying."

The food absolutely kicked my ass. I had a powerful lust for corn dogs and funnel cakes. Now? I have a powerful lust to stay away from them.

The only lowlight was getting sprayed with what I will refer to as "water" on the Raging Rapids. I've ridden this ride since I was little and I've never been as wet or as grossed out as I was when I rode it last week. Just not a fun experience for anyone involved.

Before heading home I was able to check out Gurnee Mills. The biggest highlight was taking pictures on the various kiddie rides around the mall.
I also caught my final two White Sox games. I split the weekend. Losing a battle with my dad and dominating today with the Superfan. Sellers and I took the PBR challenge. Nothing but PBR and the first to throw up loses.

My article for the ComicCon is up and is the link of the day. Enjoy suckers.

Pics below are the few that I have from my experience in Gurnee. Rhea rocks. Hard.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Well, I bought my plane ticket. $942 for a one way ticket. Ouch. Good thing I get reimbursed when I get there. Here's hoping the terrorists haven't ruined anything for us Crusaders, I really want to be able to use my portable DVD player during my journey.

Right now, I'm really psyched about going. Last week, I was a little scared. I was just thinking that I only have a few weeks left and a ton of stuff to get done. That and there are a few people that I'm worried I won't see before I leave.

Link of the day goes to Andy Dick. It starts weird, but ends classic. I picture him ending every conversation with some public urination and offering someone cocaine.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I forgot to post a link of the day for the last couple posts, but the weirdness that is Cincinnati Reds' outfielder Ryan Freel should make up for it.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First, I got an email from the American Liason at my school telling me he wanted to push back my start date. No problem. This way I don't have to sell any White Sox tickets. Then, I get asked if I'd do him a "favor" and work on Saturdays for free. My response was a quick "No, thank you." I was terrified I'd get fired before I even got out there and I would have quit my lousy job for nothing. I get a response from the Liason saying that he understands where I'm coming from and he understands completely. Great. Then I get a phone call from him the next day, he wants to move my start date back to where it was. So, nothing's changed at all. Wow.

I had a great weekend at the ComicCon and I'll post the link to my article shortly.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

There's a party tomorrow for the Admissions dept. at Ai. I'm conflicted about going. On the one hand I need to go to deliver a few things. On the other hand I'd like to go just a see a few friends. But, I don't want to be like the guy who graduated high school only to comeback during the summer to watch football practice and hang out around the campus. I've left the job. I should just let everyone have their fun and I don't care to answer the question, "What are you doing here?" We'll see, it's going to be a gametime decision tomorrow.