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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week one of the English camp at my school is in the books.

There was really only one incident worth reporting. A boy told me to shut up. If he weren't the most instantly rude student I've ever had, I might have let him continue, but he is the most instantly rude student I've ever had. This was made worse by an error. Last year, I had a 2nd grade student that spoke fluent English. His name was Beom-joon. This time, I saw Joon-beom on my list for 3rd grade students. I thought he was the same kid. We called his mom and asked if he wanted to change classes. She said he had attended a hagwon for a year and would in fact like to change classes. This raised a red flag. Beom-joon was taught by his mom. He never went to an academy. We talked to the boy. After the talk, it was decided that he would stay in the same, lower level class. If he behaves at the hagwon the same way he behaved in my class, his mom should get her money back. He walks in grumpy. Spits out a "hi," and sits down. He puts his head down and it stays there for the entire class, unless he wants to be disruptive. Then he picks his head up and punches the nearest kid. If asked a question, he'll respond with a brusque, "no." He came into class on Tuesday and followed this routine. I asked, in Korean, if he wanted a pillow. He told me to shut up. He was asked to repeat that. "No." He was asked to leave the classroom. "No." He was escorted out of the classroom and told not to come back. My world is that much brighter. This kid is only a 3rd grader and is already an uberdouche.

If I were a Korean teacher, there might have been a beatin'. I'm not a Korean teacher and I have to be tough without beatin's. If I'm not, the class suffers. I feel a responsibility to deliver the best class I can. If that means asking a student not to come back, so be it. It's the only punishment that works.

It was also my favorite student's birthday last week. I gave him one of the few American comics I have in Daegu. It was Superman/Batman #29. It was bagged and boarded. He was upset that it was in English. You're welcome.

In one week the lone wolf flies alone. That's right. I'll be back in good ole Thrillinois for 2 solid weeks, including the Super Bowl. I can't wait.

For those of us into architecture, here are the plans for Ansan.


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