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Monday, February 16, 2009

Yesterday was graduation day for our 6th grade students. Graduation was held outside. Outside was terribly cold and windy. If graduation took more than 30 minutes, I would have ran inside. I remember it being chilly last year, but I don't remember being as cold as I was yesterday. I brought my camera with me to take a few pictures, but I was too uncomfortable to walk around snapping pictures.

I was informed today that the 6th grade English teacher will be leaving. I hate to say this, but good riddance. She was very professional, but her attitude and communication skills absolutely sucked. It was obvious that she didn't like most of our students and the kids picked up on it. I don't know what went on when I wasn't there, but I'm guessing there was a whole lot of silence. She wouldn't give detailed instructions or talk at a pace our kids could comprehend.

She would go over the monthly schedule with me, but she'd leave out the important bits. For example, she'd spend 5 minutes telling me about the event the 5th grade was having to spread awareness about internet addiction, but give only bare bones details on our teacher field trips. The Pohang Fiasco will always stand out in my mind. Her ability to be completely insensitive to the feelings and concerns of others, while at the same time being completely stunned that others were insensitive towards her feelings was absolutely appalling. I'll never forget the chilly response I got after she felt I yelled at her. I overslept for work. She called me. I said, "I'm on my way." She said, "You're running away?" I may or may not have raised my voice. "No, I'M ON MY WAY." It's not my fault she can't listen. Either way, she was upset for a week and it was left up to me to guess why.

I can't wait to erase her from my phone. It won't be a teary eyed, Gork affair. "Good-bye, Jason." (deletes Jason from his phone)(sobs uncontrollably for 10 minutes). "Good-bye Matt"(snif)(deletes Matt's number) "Good-bye, Brad"(blubbers for 6 minutes) (deletes Brad's number from his phone).

I spent the weekend in traction because I pulled a muscle in my back/shoulder/neck area on Saturday morning. I couldn't turn my freakin' head for 2 days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A vision of the wizard of oz came to mind when I read your blog. I saw the munchkins singing and dancing to the "wicked witch is dead!"

6:52 AM  
Anonymous leaf said...

I'm glad you made the wise lecision to lie in traction. A bad neck/back strain can sometimes lead to a crippling case of kasparaitis.

Hope you're back in the swing of things in good old Korea. Say hi to Hillary Clinton for me.

12:02 PM  

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