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Sunday, December 28, 2008

It turns out, I'm not going to Pohang after all.

My co-teacher handed me the schedule for tomorrow's, erm, Winter Vacation Opening Ceremony. From 9:30 to 11 am we have to be outside and watch speeches. Grand. Then, she asked about Pohang. I swear up and down that she may have mentioned a workshop or something like it, but she NEVER said where we were going or for how long. She claims she asked if my girlfriend would be upset. Why would Su-jin be upset about me doing something for my job?

Either way, she kept asking if I wanted to go. I said if I have to go I will, but I don't WANT to go. This went on for about 5 minutes. Finally, I told her I wouldn't be very comfortable. They plan to have meetings about curriculum. The meetings won't be in English. These don't interest or involve me at all. Nothing that I do will in the classroom will change.

She also told me that we'd be staying at the same place I recieved my "training." That clinched it. The food is dreadful, the accomodations are pitiful and the location is perhaps the most boring spot in Korea.

There was also a 30% chance that I would get into a fistfight with one of the obnoxious assbag teachers during lunch. I had the scenario all worked out. I would sit down with a lunch that is lacking in sidedishes and smaller than my coworkers. One of them would eyeball my tray and start making comments to the lacky on his left. I would leap across the table and go for the dude's neck because I am fed up with the comments about my plate. This goes against every western sensibility I have. I was taught to keep my eyes on my own plate. I guess these jokers were brought up by a lousy mom. Why are they so interested in my plate? Why? Next semester, I start packing my own lunches. They'll shit a gold baby.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate and I should do a you-tube movie on western table manners just for your coworkers. It might be funny.

6:54 AM  

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