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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I just finished checking out the lame DVD section at a Korean media store. It was awesome! I found a Korean subtitled copy of the original cut of The Warriors. Now I can show Su-Jin how awesome that movie really is! Actually I was searching for a copy of Roxanne for my Lit class. We're doing Cyrano De Bergerac and I thought this might be a little more interesting for them. I found every other crappy DVD known to man, including but no limited to...

Resident Evil Apocalypse, Stone Cold 3(They made a sequel? The original is perfection), Rambo 3, Robocop 3, Heaven Can Wait(not a bad movie, but is it a lame DVD? Oh yes), National Treasure(I still think the sequel will cause the downfall of western civilization. In the game, Civilization, this should be one of the things your society should have to overcome), and the usual random assortment of ten packs and random pairings, but no Roxanne. The biggest highlight was the music DVD section. It's like there was a separate Brad and Jason section. Alanis Morissette and Hanson for Brad and Phil Collins(I think I saw 3 different DVDs) and about 10,000 Beatles DVD's for Zwirb. There was also a Kenny G section for Gusek, because as we all know, Gusek is gay.

Morning classes are slowly killing me. Thankfully, I believe they're over. The best moment. Mrs. Kim had a new teacher watch my classes today. One of them was a drama class. He got to watch me go to the "drama center" or stage and sit on my ass while kids would read for me and Mrs. Kim would bark orders until her phone went off and she ran out fifteen minutes in and left us to fend for ourselves. Another new teacher, Margaret, thought we should try to get through a reading. Slow down there, overachiever. You don't piss into the wind and you don't get through a reading of drama at LIKE without a Korean teacher in the room. I declared "Free time," and let the kids study or talk as long as they wouldn't act crazy. I guess the new teachers needed to see a fucking pro at work. It went something like this

ChildrenOfKorea: /go crazy
InTheHeathOfTheNight: What are we gonna do?
InCharge: I don't know. THEY. WON'T. STOP.
InTheHeathOfTheNight: My ESL training didn't say anything about this!
InCharge: Where is the Korean teacher!!!!!

DeForeskin has entered the chatroom

DeForeskin: /eyeballs the room, flexes muscles

InTheHeathOfTheNight: Uh, Matt?
DeForeskin: yeah?
InTheHeathOfTheNight: We think we should, you know, try to get the kids to read this.
DeForeskin: There's your first mistake.
InTheHeathOfTheNight: It's just what Mrs. Kim told us to do.
DeForeskin: Your second mistake. Take a rest soldier, let Big Daddy Cool rock your fucken mind.

Deforeskin: /Takes a deep breath.

DeForeskin: 하지마!!!! 안자!!!!
ChildrenOfKorea: /Stop screaming and sit down.

Deforeskin: Free time. Don't be crazy. You can leave in 10 minutes.
ChildrenOfKorea: /Nod politely, start studying, texting, or chatting quietly
Deforeskin: It's just that fucken simple.
InTheHeathOfTheNight: /looks on in awe

Either way, morning classes are a grind. It doesn't hit me until I finish but this schedule is a lot to handle. Or maybe I just got so used to easy schedules that actually working is taking a toll on me. I've always said I could do this in my sleep, I may get my chance because I feel like I'm burning out.

Morning classes are just a fucking joke. That's all they are. My debate class I take seriously and I actually do some teaching with my "Punishment" Class, but the 3 drama classes are just stupid. Parents like it because its a chance to see their kids speaking English, but its just not a good way to teach a language.


Anonymous kidlee said...

Soon you will be riding around on a Harley and wearing a helmet that says , "El Diablo" on it.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Leaf said...

Way to take control of the situation with the newbies.

Drama sounds like it is not delicious.

I tried Madden online and was beaten by the Bills 78 to 34. Hester dropped two kick returns. That also was not delicious.


9:19 AM  

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