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Monday, July 30, 2007

Quick update.

I had to use the bathroom terribly yesteday. I was in the underground mall area that surrounds downtown Daegu. There are public toilets, but you have to pay 200 won for toilet paper. I didn't have 200 won. I couldn't buy toilet paper. I couldn't use the public toilet. Lesson learned? Never leave the house with out 200 won.

I saw Transformers on Saturday. I hated it. They never take the time to establish any of the characters other than the guy and the girl. I never had any Transformers when I grew up. I was always in trouble and therefore never recieved any cool toys. I was stuck with Go-Bots. Good students get Transformers, people like me get Go-Bots. Either way, I had no idea who these guys were or what their "powers" were and I was never told. The fight scenes were pretty intense, but I would have liked a story and some characters. It was like watching summer fireworks. Fun, but completely forgettable.

I watched the 3rd place game of the Asian Cup on Saturday also. It was Korea v. Japan. The Koreans did not like the Japanese. There was a certain intensity that was lacking in the Iraq and Iran matches that was present for the Japan match. The game was fairly even until a questionable red card sent off a Korean at the start of the second half. The Koreans did their best to keep Japan out of the goal and they sent the game into extra time. Things got a little heated in extra time. Halfway through the first 15 mintues, a Japanese player stuck his leg out and tripped a Korean. The Korean got up and started pushing and shoving. The rest of the Korean team quickly had his back and for a moment things almost got out of hand. Order was restored and the game was resumed. The game went to penalties. Korea won 6-5 on an awesome stop by Lee Woon Jae to win the match and make the Japanese team piss and wail.

I watched about half of the Iraq/Saudi game. The Saudi's never had a chance.


Anonymous kidlee said...

I beg to differ...You had Optimus Prime, the large plastic version which did not last long. The go bots were metal and the transformers were plastic. I rest my case.

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Leaf said...

Were go-bots metal? If so that's awesome.

I busted my optimus prime as well. I was throwing him around cause at the time I was infatuated with watching things fall. I'd usually catch him, and if not he'd land safely on the grass. But his final jaunt into the air he hit our awning and bounced onto the driveway and busted into at least 5 pieces.

I cried.

Good to hear from you this past weekend.

Zardoz Fantasy Draft in 10 days!

PS - The chick in the movie is Megan Fox. She can look under my hood anyday...(I dunno what that means).

8:31 AM  
Anonymous your sister said...

You are forgetting one small detail, big brother... most of the time, you and I were the ones who chose our toys. We went to Toys R Us with Mom and Dad every so often and we got to pick what we wanted. I don't remember ever getting much shit about a toy choice from either parent, so all evidence would point to any Go Bots in the house being your fault.

And we so watched the Transformers TV show. Orson Welles also voiced Megatron in the movie.

4:46 PM  

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