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Monday, July 09, 2007

More from No Brain. These guys are ten kinds of awesome. The next step is a live show. If anyone can do it I fucking can. Bonus points for the drummer dancing and air-guitaring when everyone is singing. Awesome. It's like, "Fuck you guys. I'm just dicking around while you SING your fucking SONG."

I spent the weekend in Gapyeong with Su-Jin. Gapyeong is about an hour east of Seoul by train and its main feature is a pretty lake surrounded by mountains. I'm not much for the outdoors, but I can stand a day in Gapyeong. The guys at the resort were fairly friendly and the room was extremely comfortable. It didn't have CNN, BBC, movie channels or the MLB channel, but it did offer the Spice Channel for free. Softcore porn! Woooo!

We took the express bus from Daegu to Seoul. The trip up was scary as hell. It was "Mr. Cho's Wild Ride." Mr. Cho wanted to get to Seoul as quickly as possible and that meant driving the bus within inches of being completely out of control. I almost got carsick because he would start and stop as violently as possible. Then we hopped a slow train into the mountains. It was a pleasant ride. If anything it makes me want to travel more. The ride back was, gasp, normal. The bus driver actually drove the bus like a normal person. I didn't catch his name, but its always a good thing when you don't remember someone's name. Take me for example. No one will ever forget Mattu-sam was their teacher at LIKE Academy in Daegu. Ever.

Transformers is a hit in Korea. I haven't seen it, someone told me it was painfully stupid. My kids all love it, what does that say about Transformers? I guess I'll cave in one of these days and check it out. I talked myself out of buying TMNT on bootleg. It's just tempting enough to get me to stop, but not good enough to get me to plunk down.


Anonymous your sister said...

The Transformers movie was as good as a Transformers movie could possibly be. Sadly, no Orson Welles as Unicron, though.

9:19 PM  

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