You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've been wanted to handicap this year's Asian Cup for a while. Wikipedia link is as follows.....

Korea has to win and win big against Indonesia. The only problem is that Indonesia is the host country which means a HUGE homefield advantage in a soccer tourney. Basically, it's not looking good.

Japan, Australia, Vietnam and Iraq have already qualified for the next round. Vietnam and Iraq are playing each other. Interesting.

The Saudi's, China and Iran look like they should be moving on. My favorite to win it all? Japan looks awfully tough so far. Bahrain and the Saudi's are my darkhorses and Vietnam is my sleeper.

This Korean team is NOT the same team that has appeared in the last two World Cups. This is mostly a younger squad trying to gain some international experience. There have been far too many bonehead plays for me to really believe that Korea has a chance to advance past the knockout stage, but hey, they're still in it and I'm looking forward to cheering on the Red Devils for at least one more time in this tourney.

In other news, David Beckham is already hurt. I hear he has a hard time sitting on the bench, most likely because of that giant fork sticking out of his ass.


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