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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I had Monday and Tuesday off this week. It's Constitution Day here in Korea. I took the opportunity to head up to Seoul and see what Patrick's gotten himself into.

His neighborhood, Nowon, reminds me a lot of Arlington Heights. Big wide streets, lots of families and young children and lots of small, random stores and restaurants. Nice area, but it's about 45 minutes away from the downtown area.

Patrick's apartment is killer. It has multiple rooms. In Daegu, I've got a room. He has a real apt in a real building.

The first thing we did was go to a bagel restaurant. I had an everything bagel sandwich with bacon, egg and mustard. Delicious. It is nice to have some better options as far as food.

We hit the Hongdae area around 8pm. Hongdae is one of the many university areas of Seoul. Lots of bars and restaurants. Just a great place to get into trouble.

We found a large, cheap Korean place for dinner, then we found a hole in the wall bar called "Cocaine." We were disappointed. No Dr. Rockso, no cocaine, but they had MGD on tap. In this country, you take what you can get.

After finishing our beers, we headed to a hookah bar. A hookah bar with OUTDOOR seating. We could watch the street below us and smoke and drink as much as we could afford. A lot of fun. We also met one of Patrick's coworkers and one of her friends. This gets important soon. Trust me.

I tried to go to the punk rock bar in Hongdae, but it was closed at 2 am. I was crushed. The owners of Skunk Hell have made a powerful enemy.

We stopped off at an upscale bar called "Coolba." Nothing remotely exciting happened here. My friend, Jake, wanted to hit a club, we headed to a dance club called M2. The cover was about $15 American. Patrick and I said no thanks, Jake(aka Shaky aka The Shake) went in with Patrick's co-worker and friend.

Patrick and I hit a Korean style bar for another beer and a kimchi pancake. I was running on fumes at this point(it was around 430am). Patrick and I called it. We headed back to Nowon in a cab for roughly $20 American.

Jake and the coworker showed up around 6. The coworker was out of her mind drunk. It was like releasing a human tornado on the apartment. Limbs flying, things being knocked over, bad words echoing in the bedroom. At one point, she pulled the sink out of the wall. No joke. Jake went back out to meet a girl that he had met on Friday. Jake is a machine. After about an hour of insanity with the drunk coworker, Patrick talked her into trying to sleep. He also tried to convince her that Jake was gay and he was going to meet her way gay friend. She didn't buy it, but wanted to discuss great length.

I fell asleep on the couch and did my best to get some rest.

Jake returned around 1130, slept for two hours and then got lunch with Patrick and I before heading back to Daegu.

I stayed in Seoul for another night. Nothing remotely exciting except Patrick has me hooked on a game called Civilization 4. It's awesome. I did find the Krispy Kreme in Nowon and I did bring back donuts for Su-Jin and Manjiro, they were both happy.

This week was fairly tame. It felt really busy for some reason. My schedule has become less agreeable since I've been doing these history classes.

I had to proofread another letter for Mr. Kim. He's trying to get his middle son married and he's contacting former students that he knows are succesful to become his bride. He has been met with resistance. My father brought up and excellent point, why would he write these letters in English? Wouldn't he be better off contacting these people in Korean? The thought didn't even occur to me until dad brought it up. Maybe that's the reason he's not able to find his kid a wife.

Jerry took some of the new guys to Busan. I can't wait to hear the stories from this one.

I think Sellers and I have a new challenge when I visit during the holidays. That's right. Someone will get baconated.

I hung out with my friend Kyung-Su this week. The following youtube videos are posted by request. It turns out we're both Green Day and Oasis fans. I'm not apologizing for liking Oasis. If Zwirb can like Phil Collins, I can like Oasis.


Anonymous kidlee said...

Soooo, you got my e-mail. We saw that commercial and thought of you
Yah, it's da baconator; a heart attack on a bun

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Leaf said...

Zwirb freakin loves Oasis. But I hate em. In fact he was strumming Wonderwall on the guitar today.

Also - we already had the baconator - last saturday Sellers, Zwirb, and I made the trip to Wendy's and we all got baconated. All I can say is that sandwich is pretty gross. And by 'pretty gross' I mean PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME!!

We even said there should be a baconator challenge in the future.

Peace out Bro-to-the-ham!

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Zardoz said...

One needs never to apologize for liking one of th greatest British rock bands in history. Just like I would never apologize for liking the greatest British vocalist since Sting. The Baconator was quite an amazing invention. Its right up there with the Famous Bowl. But it is quite filling, a lot of fucking bacon. I am out of the challenge, that is up to you and Gimpy. Anyway, just wanted to say no need to feel sorry for liking an awesome band. Its all better then Pearl Jam, right? Well putting my headphones back on, time for more Genesis.

11:16 AM  

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