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Friday, July 06, 2007

My classes were insane and I was in a foul mood today. No casualties, but I did get superpissed and march a kid to the manager. It was my last class of the day and the student just wanted to dick around. The best part? He thought he was getting asked to leave the class. He was surprised when I marched him to the manager and that the manager did something.

The immortal Mr. Choi has been replaced by Mr. Shin. Mr. Shin brings the fucking pain. He's a small Korean version of Wyatt Earp. He does not fuck around. I've never seen him smile. Ever. If you ask him to do something, he says, "O.K." and then it gets done. He's definitely the strong, silent type.

I started prepping for my history class at 12, I had a small break from 2:30 to 3pm. I had a snack and dropped off my drycleaning, riveting I know. Then, I went from 3:45 to 9 without a break and the classes were progressively more painful. The last class broke the camel's back. The kid wanted to laugh, scream and say "I will kill you." Oh really, dickhead? Let's have a talk with Mr. Shin. "No, no, no. Sorry! Sorr-eeeeee!"

I also snapped off at another kid. Koreans do this thing called "Pen Beat." They tap their pens against the desk in attempt to make music. If I could compare it to anything, it would be the bucket boys at the end of White Sox games. Kids who bang on buckets instead of drums. The only difference is the bucket boys have talent. This kid does this in every class and it is slowly driving me INSANE. I hear pens in my sleep. I was trying to start class, he was trying to get the perfect beat. I won. He did get his pen back, but he also got yelled at. "Why do you keep doing this! Every time you have a pen you have to do this? What are you thinking? Stop it! Give me that!" If I get in trouble, I'm taking a dump on his desk and calling it "Ass Beat." 49 more days at LIKE. The end is near.

I'm off to Seoul tomorrow with Su-Jin for some Krispy Kreme and R&R. :-)

Five paragraph Miami Vice rant starting now....

Also, I just finished season 4 of Miami Vice and I'm starting to see why this show was canceled and forgotten for almost 20 years. It gets strange. I guess the writers got bored with the normal undercover cops versus drug dealers storylines and started branching out. It just gets too weird.

First, the alien abduction episoder. If Gork wrote Miami Vice, this would be the episode he would write. I think that says enough. Then the returning baddies, in back to back episode Crockett and Tubbs go up against bad guys that have been in previous episodes. Calderone wasn't in enough scenes to become overexposed, could anyone tell me what his voice sounded like? What he really looked like?(He was always hidden by a hat and sunglasses...always)These two in season 4 are way overexposed. They talk to much and they're to recognizable to be legit villains, even though one of them completely screws over Crockett. I mean COMPLETELY.

Then there's the rape episode. Rape is always an uncomfortable subject. Especially when the actor is a poor man's Bill Paxton(I thought it was him for the entire episode, but it was just some chump). He gets killed on screen, but then calls to torment the girl he had raped. Strange?

Also, Crockett gets married. He meets a girl, falls in love and gets married all in about a week of time in real life and one episode in Miami Vice World. Just too fast and too slapped together.

The final episode is one of the more interesting, but it ends on a cliffhanger and, dammit, I need closure.

I will say this much, Edward James Olmos brought his A game for the 4th season. It's almost like he realized that Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas were fueding every day, the writers were more interested in ordering ivory backscratchers and the producers were thinking, "How many more seasons until we get the movie deal?" Someone had to hold this show together and he did his best.

Also bonus points for Philip Michael Thomas' beard. It's like he looked in the mirror, thought, "What can I do to be taken seriously as an actor when this is the only role I'll ever get?" And the beard was his best and only answer.


Anonymous zardoz said...

Rape episodes were standard Vice fodder. I know there have been 2 already in the first three seasons. The rich pimp in the first season with Gina pretending to be a Chicago prostitute. Then in the second season Salazar (Clear and Present Danger Bad Guy) was the son of some central american general that ripped off his countries treasury and retired to Miami. So he went after a peasant girl who used to be a servant back at their home. Who also happened to be Ginas friend which showed one of the few moments of continuity in Vice with Gina reminding Crockett of what happened to her in the first season . I dont know if there was a rape episode in season 3 yet. But otherwise seems to be a Vice staple. And how about Don King, I mean Don Cash?

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