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Saturday, December 16, 2006

This week was fairly slow for me. I was painfully sick for most of it. The last remnants of my illness take the form of a wet, hacking cough. Other than that, I actually feel pretty good.

I laid low for most of the week. The only time I'd come out of my room was to go to the gym, eat or play with the puppies that Vegan Brian was dogsitting this week. I've been hanging out a lot with David and Jerry recently, they're funny guys. I'm really just trying to stay off of the 2nd floor as much as possible.

I had an actual date on Thursday that went poorly. The girl seemed fairly outgoing when I met her, but she was fairly dull when we met on Thursday. Whatever.

Classes weren't much fun this week. It took actual effort for me to get excited for classes, it's probably just the fact that I was terribly sick. The only funny story I have from this week is when seven little Korean girls decided to gang up on me when I had my back turned and I was sitting at the computer. They decided they were going to mess up my hair. I had fourteen tiny hands rubbing against my mop as hard as they could. As soon as I could subdue on pair of hands, two more would spring up in their place. Eventually I just ran away.

We had a meeting on Thursday to discuss our holiday plans for the school. Story reading and sandwich making. Tuna salad sandwich making. I hate tuna salad. It was actually a very fast meeting all things considered, but with none of the hilarity of previous meeting. Robert didn't show up, Heeduk didn't say anything asinine, Mr. Kim didn't even play guitar.

That reminds me, apparently Robert believes that I am trying to "kiss up" to the Kim's for some reason. My actual goals are unclear to him, but part of my plan involves taking over his spot as "favorite teacher." Robert has said all of two words to me in the last month, both of them being "hello." How he has deduced any of this is beyond me, but he made his announcement the same week as I threw my Mattrum at Mrs. Kim. I show up a little early each day for some prep work, that's it. Are the Kim's going to pay me more money? Are they going to give me milk and cookies whenever I teach a class? I want to succeed at my job, I couldn't care less about being "the favorite." No matter what, I'm still just a white guy to them.


Anonymous kidlee47 said...

Robert is pretty paranoid for a guy with a paddle. Maybe the girls were trying to tell you to get a hair cut. Could that be possible?

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Phylicia B said...

So, I guess your doing well then. I take it that you love your job and you teach pefect darling angels. P.S Its a boy!

5:10 PM  

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