You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Okay, things aren't that bad.

I went out with my Korean buddy, Kee Young, Sunday night and that helped me have some fun and get away from the situation for a while.

I didn't sprain my wrist, I merely jammed it. Big relief, I initially thought I broke it. It felt good enough for me to go to the gym yesterday and it hasn't swollen up, but it still hurts to write and type.

I'm not nearly as angry as I was, but I'm still not happy. The problem is this, everyone else has been allowed to move out of the crappy room except me. I admit it's interesting circumstances, but I was given no reason to believe that I wouldn't be allowed to get out of the shithole. I find it very convienient that as soon as the room came available, Andrew was able to produce a "fiance." This is the same guy that as soon as I met him he was asking me about Korean girls and buying rubbers in front of me. Now, he gets both Keddie and Daren's rooms until his"fiance" arrives in Korea. Yeah, the whole situation really rubs me the wrong way.

Andrew is still a thief and a liar and will be regarded as such for the remainder of my stay in Korea. Should I choose to stay in Korea, I probably won't stay with LIKE.


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