You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mitch and Tim just left on the train for Seoul and Brian has a brand new fully repaired and pimped out computer.

All in all, it was a fun weekend. Mitch and Tim arrived Friday night, we took them out to some of the foreigner bars and caught up on work stories. On Saturday, Brian had to work, so it was my job to entertain both of them. I took them out for breakfast, which Koreans have no concept of. They eat the same stuff for breakfast that they would eat for any other meal. Anything more complex than pastry, donuts or bagels and they've never heard of it. We settled on a Korean/Western fusion joint where they served omelets....stuffed with rice.

We goofed off for a few hours, then went to some ancient Korean burial mounds in an area called Bullodong. We were expecting maybe twenty, turns out there are over two hundred massive mounds along the hills. We traveled to the highest point and got a great view of the city.

We hung out in Bullodong for an hour or so. The biggest highlight was finding pellet guns for sale. We had an OK Corral type battle in the streets of Bullodong.

For dinner, we took Mitch and Tim to one of our favorite bbq restaurants, then hung out for a bit at a foreigner bar. Tim, Mitch and Brian went home around 12:30. I caught up with Keddie and Daren to enjoy their last weekend at the apartment. I caught up with them at the bar of the future. It has a door like the one on the bridge of the Enterprise. Awesome. They were hanging out with a member of the Korean soap opera actors' posse. We talked him into going to a noraebong(singing room). We had a lot of fun. I was worried for the Korean dude, I tried my best to make him feel involved. You know, do onto others....

Keddie and Daren have broken their contracts with LIKE School to take a job at another Hagwon. They want to teach adults instead of children and their new deal is much better than their old deal and they get to go to Japan for 4 days on a visa trip. Yeah, I'm jealous. Keddie and Daren are only moving a few blocks, but they're going to be missed at the apt. I think I'm getting Keddie's room, but I'm moving onto the 2nd floor. Also known as, the insanity floor. We have, at last count, a manic depressive, a borderline functional alcoholic with severe OCD, a megalomaniac and the new guy, whose sickness is still TBD. The day is less great now and actually starting to get a little depressing.

Reminds me. All vacation plans are canceled for now. It turns out I have to be here six months to "earn" my vacation days. Drag. I am going to a cabin in the mountains for a Christmas spectacular with a few of my fellow teachers. That should be a lot of fun.


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