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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving.

Turkey is impossible to find in Daegu. I tried and I left a series of confused Koreans in my wake. Guess what the first meal I want when I come back is? It isn't bulgogi, galbi, mandu or bibimbap.

I had four criers in one class and three at the same time. The first was punched in the eye. The second was the puncher. I asked "Why?" and she responded with tears. The third was trying to tie me up with yarn. I took the yarn away and she lost it. She reacted like I shot her dog or something. The fourth occurred a few minutes later when I saw two girls hiding in the back, talking behind a book. I said, "Girls! No kissing." One laughed and the other lost it. It's still not as bad as yesterday. I had all the boys show up ten minutes late for class. I noticed that one had puffy eyes and the rest claimed they were in the bathroom. After about ten seconds of intense interrogation, the admitted who was fighting. I marched them to Mrs. Kim and she called their parents. If they weren't late, they probably would have gotten away with it. Then, in the same class I made a BOY cry when I caught him doing his homework in my class. We both reached for it and it ripped. After class, the boy tried to appeal to a Korean teacher for help. He claimed it was my fault his homework wasn't finished. She slapped him in the head for not having his work finished. The whole time I was thinking, "toughen up, son."

It appears I've gained the respect of my coworkers. I show up an hour early for prep work everyday. I don't really see what the big deal is, I'm just trying to do a decent job.

I have a meeting tomorrow with one of the Kim's. I started a debate class and Hee-Duk wants to talk to me. I have no idea what he wants to say, but I know it will take FOREVER. The debate kids are amazing. I assigned them an essay for homework, fingers crossed that I get something readable.

I went an entire day without having a class insult me in English and I didn't hear any of the Korean insults that I'm trained to listen for. I'm 90% sure I can put this on a resume.

I don't think the new guy is capable of doing anything without getting dizzy or feeling sick. Every time we go out, he has to take off early because he's ill. Maybe he has a drug problem... I've been able to use an adjective to describe the new guy that I never thought I would use, haughty.

Two friends are coming down from Seoul this weekend. I'm looking forward.

Not much has moved on the girlfriend front. I received a strange phone call this week and she told me twice in text messages that I'm cute. My mind is a fucking pretzel. Date #10 looms on the horizon, but I'm not really going out of my way to hang with her. Yeah, leave it to me to run an entire marathon in agony only to wuss out in the last twenty feet.


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