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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Quick update. I'm meeting Korean girlfriend in a few minutes.

I played hide and seek with my little kids today. I turned it into a counting game by having the remaining class count everyone to see how many we have to find. They LOVED it and so did I. It was a lot of fun but, afterwards, I was exhausted. Most middle schoolers still loathe me. Fine, I hate them right back. I'm still worried about the drama classes starting in December. I know they're going to stick me with a lot of them, but I'd rather deal with those monsters than some of my middle schoolers.

The essays for my TOEFL class were a little disappointing. One girl did her best and turned in four pretty good paragraphs. One boy write one paragraph, while the other girl turned in NOTHING. We added a fat kid to the class who doesn't like to speak. I'll break him.

My Hannukkah present showed up. Yay! I'm rocking a St. Louis Cardinals alternate hat with the World Series patch. I'm still a champion everywhere I go.

Christmas looks like a go for vacation in the Korean wilderness. I really want to go back to Japan to play video games. Don't be surprised if there's a weekend trip update after the tenth, that's when I get paid again.


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