You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Thanks to Mom and Ben for their comments. Mom, you would have definitely would have frowned. Ben, you probably would have cringed.

I am now painfully sick. It started Friday night after one of my workouts of death. I woke up with dizziness, fever and unusual body pain on Saturday, but I still went out. I didn't drink or smoke either night, but I still felt like crap. It was the last night that one of the foreigner bars would be open, I felt like I had to pay my respects. It's been sold to a Russian consortium. 10,000 won says it will be a brothel.

I spent almost all day in bed on Sunday and just barely made it to work today. The headache, fever and vicious body pain(try working out and then getting sick in the same night, it tears you up) are gone. I still have the cough, little appetite and lack of a will to move. Things could be worse. Daren has the flu AND her apartment was broken into. Welcome to the neighborhood. She took it better than I would have. I'd be bolstering my arsenal of pellet guns and declaring war on the fruitcart vendors. She just went to the police.


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