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Thursday, November 30, 2006

No much of an update. Just some venting on the staff here.

Our secretaries are bloody useless. . Only one speaks English and the majority of my kids understand better than she does. Incompetence I can deal with, but they just want me to leave them alone. Even if it means lying to me.

The worst is when they make mistakes on my schedule. They have a log that they check. Once, they wrote the same lesson for two weeks straight. I'm supposed to go through one lesson in one class period. I asked about this, she checked her log and said it was correct. I said, "The book has been finished for two weeks. Should I ask Mrs. Kim?" "Oh no! Don't do that! We'll get you a new book." Amazing.

The manager isn't much better. At least he's entertaining. Mr. Choi, very funny guy, but he might as well be a coat rack. I'm still not sure exactly what his job is. It appears to me that his purpose is to change lightbulbs and make children laugh. Once I held two girls after because they were just generally making a nuisance and would not stop talking. He walked into my room like Johnny Carson walking out for the opening monologue. Forget disciplining children, it's Mr. Choi time! I resisted the strong urge to punch him in the mouth and just complained to Mrs. Kim. It worked, he won't go near my classroom now and actually helped with a problem student.

I'm just going to chalk today up to a bad day. That's all. I picture a future showdown unfolding like Sellers' coworker vs. the phone pervert.

Secretary- Your schedule is correct.
Matt- You know what I think? You're a sick motherfucker asshole! Fuck you!
Matt- You know what you can do with this schedule?
*Matt crumples up the schedule and throws it as hard as he lands two feet away...increasing his rage*
Matt-....and another thing, you ever bullshit me again, yer goofy Korean haircut will become a landing strip for AirMatt to land punches.
Mrs. Kim-Matt? What is the problem?
Matt- This piece of shit tried to give me hard time, but I just said nuh-uh! Screw this. I'm playing xbox.
*Matt storms out, but not before trying to push a door that is clearly marked pull*
Secretary- Foreigners...
Mrs. Kim- Foreigners.
Mr. Choi- Hey everybody! It's Mr. Choi time!!!


Blogger Leaf said...

I hope Mr. Choi wears a striped red and white suit and a white barbershop hat and carries a cane.

Then he'd be my hero.

Feel free to join in on the political debacles that keep occurring in the emails.

I love how they mutate to a point where no one even remembers what the topic was...or even the original arguement.

X-Box 360 kicks ass. I cry everytime I play it. So...beautiful...

miss you buddy!

12:34 PM  
Anonymous kidlee47 said...


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