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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rotten weekend.

I had a truly awkward date with Eun Jung. She has twisted my mind into a pretzel. It was essentially a three hour long language lesson. She taught me Korean for about 90 minutes and then complained that she wasn't learning enough English. She then grilled me about things she should say to English speakers during haircuts. Then her brother took her home. I would have met him but I doused myself with gasoline and set myself on fire. I guess it's time we have..."the talk."

Last night was a late night. We started out at Old Skool(possibly my favorite bar, the guys who run it are hysterical and LOVE baseball, so it's fun to hang with them), then Daren and Keddie wanted to go to a dance club. I talked them out of it and we went to another bar called "The Beatles". Remember, no copyright laws here. We ended the evening after a few bottles of bamboo soju(it's essentially hard cider, except with alcohol in it) around 5am.

Next weekend my good buddies, Tim and Mitch, are coming down from Seoul to hang out. Mitch is the most powerful person I know in Korea. Most people see parking lots as a place to park cars, Mitch sees a gym. Mitch does not have a chin. Underneath his beard is a third fist. Mitch once beat Super Mario 3 by shouting at the controller for 20 minutes.

Class was actually good this week. I only made a handful of kids cry. Next week is going to be a ballbuster. I have 8 classes on Monday. That is a lot and two of them are my monster classes. Teaching is starting to get fun.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you are doing well! Chicago is starting to get cold. But I have a new job as a chef at Le Lan. I am still recovering from my Cards winning the series! You should of been here. I am lucky to have remembered you started this blog. I am reading through it and it is hilarious. Talk to you soon.
Steve Judd

3:59 AM  

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