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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I wasn't going to update, but I'm convinced the guy next to me at pc room is going to either punch out his screen or kill me. I'm not sure which and I wanted to update in case this was the last chance I get. He just left. I guess he just wanted to rant and rave and point and spout whatever English he knew. What an ass. I had little interest in the conversation. I'm wearing headphones for christ' sake. I just want to dick around, see how my various teams in various leagues are doing and maybe play a half assed game of StarCraft. Most people don't go to PC room after 18 bottles of soju, congrats overachiever. I've been thinking about year end awards. For a while the "Dickbag of the Year" award was a one man race. It was the old asshole who hit me with his bicycle and then swore at me by a landslide, but now, a new challenger has raced to the front of the pack, "Crazy, pissed off Korean dude at the PC room. To the "Crazy, pissed off Korean dude at the PC room," we salute you.


Anonymous kidlee said...

That is quite a salute, Coach Ditka would be proud.

11:28 AM  

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