You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Well, I missed my favorite sporting event for the first time in years. I'm talking about the NBA draft. No sporting event is filled with more unintentional comedy, awkward moments or questionable wardrobe than the NBA draft. I was thrilled that my beloved Bulls snagged Joakim Noah at #8. His haircut alone is going to make highlight reels for years.

Another highligh was Yi Jianlan being taken by the Milwaukee Bucks. There's no way he's ever going to play a minute in Milwaukee. First off, this guy will go down as one of the biggest busts in NBA history. He just looks like a guy who is going to have the record of "Most Times Being Dunked on in a YouTube Clip". Second, he refused to workout for teams, always a red flag that a guy sucks, but his agent doesn't want him to lose whatever hype he might've generated. Finally, there are serious questions about his age. He dominated the 19 and under World Championships, the only problem was that it sounds like he lied about his age to compete. Also, he only wanted to play for certain teams and Milwaukee wasn't on the list. He'll wind up being traded this summer, most likely to Golden State and take over Darko's spot as NBA punchline.

Highlights from this week? High drama in Daegu. I'm not sure where I'll be happy living next year. Su-Jin will not be able to join me in Seoul and I don't know if I can take another year in Daegu. I know I will miss her, a lot, but I want to try a new city. I think I've decided to stay. I was offered a public school job in Daegu. I know the city. It's a better place to learn Korean. It's more money and it's easier to save in Daegu. It doesn't effect my travel plans at all. Right now, I'm doing 5 days in Tokyo at the end of September, 9 days in Chicago for the holidays and a trip to Mongolia with Patrick at some point for a couple days. I want to watch my beloved Samsung Lions tear apart the KBO next year. Not having Su-Jin would be fairly painful. We've both agreed to one more year in Daegu, after that either I'll come back with a boatload of cash and memories for my Master's degree, take another teaching job in Seoul or I'll stay in Korea and start a small business. I have a great idea that I believe would make a buttload of cash.

The Lions are in 4th place in the KBO. It looks like the SK Wyverns are going to take the top spot in the league, they're 4.5 games up. There are 4 teams fighting for three spots with 2 months to go before the playoffs. The last weekend will determine everything. I'm calling it right now.

Not much else to report. I had some difficulty with my history class on Friday. They showed up at 1:30, class starts at 1pm sharp. Then, they told me they didn't want to study, but they wanted to eat lunch instead. I went to Kim Hee-dal, the middle son and manager of the special classes. He told them to study and we had a great class. We did explorers of the 16th century. Zwirb would love this shit. Next week, the Revolutionary War and the 17th Century.

We also have two new teachers at LIKE. Graham and John. Both are older guys and both live on my floor. It's now me, Jerry, Graham and John. I'm changing the name from the 3rd floor to "The Retirement Home."


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