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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Good news! I was offered the job in Seoul. It's a winning streak! Eat my balls, hiring managers!!! 3 straight for the good guys!!! Now I have to move back to Chicago and have 573 bad interviews before landing another crummy job or just open a night club in Seoul and rake in the cash. Either way, it's all good.

Bad news! Su-Jin can't move to Seoul in September like we planned.

I'm not sure which way to go. The thought of 6 more months in Daegu is depressing, but the thought not having Su-Jin in Seoul is also depressing. Hmmmm. I'd like to stick to my original plan. Finish my contract with LIKE and then head to Seoul, but I'm at least going to look into a short term contract in Daegu. There aren't many GOOD Academies in Daegu, you know, one's that pay on time and allow me to work on my own.

I refuse to stay with LIKE. They're starting to realize that I'm not incompetent and giving me a real class schedule. After weeks of easy schedules, this actual work is a little difficult. I have 4 history classes starting next week. I might get overtime for the 2nd straight month.

Not much else is going on. Classes are fairly tame. I think I might have finally broken one of my last two remaining monster classes. Then again, it just might be the bribe. They told me on Monday they had a big school test and would like cup ramyon. I agreed to buy them cup ramyon on Friday. They claim I agreed to buy cup ramyon on Wednesday. I wrote down Friday. So, we made it a reward challenge. Behave and get cup ramyon. Spend the class shrieking in Korean, no dice. They barely made it and the last twenty minutes of class were actually palatable. We'll see what class shows up on Friday.

The other monsters remain and will remain. At least they stopped openly hating my guts and just quietly hate my guts. I hope the next poor sap they get is a real hard ass and whips these kids into shape. Who am I kidding. I'm probably the biggest hard ass they'll see and I can't whip them into shape. I can't believe the parents keep paying for this. I really can't. Hmmmm. Woo Min can't speak any English. What should we do? I know! Keep sending him to Academy!!! He's bound to start learning and day now! Genius.


Anonymous Leaf said...


Sellers has purchased FIFA 2007 - it's all the rage right now on the video game front. Sometimes I'm decent at it and sometimes I really suck. It's definitely a finesse game. Timing is everything.

Zwirb does ok when he remembers that it isn't soccer slam and one timers are a rare thing to make work.

We're hitting the pool a lot lately and with Kotch engaged the weekly poker game has kind of fizzled out. I don't necessarily mind because Kotch usually takes our money anyway.

In other news my sister is getting married on June 30th and I'm attempting to quit smoking. I'll let you know how it goes broham.

Zwirb is on the fence - he has a carton in his car. I told him no pressure - I just need to stop this crap. He also is going to Serbia at the end of August to finally meet this Maria girl. I just hope he can get his passport in time.

Miss you dude!! Congrats again. You own South Korea!

now back to dicking around at work...

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