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Monday, June 04, 2007

Sorry for the continued lack of updates. My parents visited me in Korea this week and I have been actually busy. No dicking around at pc room for a few hours a day. I have to be places and see people.

My parents arrived last Tuesday. I was happy to greet them after work at the train station. We went to the hotel first to drop off the bags and then hit downtown Daegu(yes, there is a downtown) for dinner. I remembered that my father enjoyed meat and rice. Korean BBQ(galbi) was enough to keep him pacified. We met for lunch the next day. I took them to my favorite mandu(dumpling) restaurant. They claim they enjoyed it. Then I had to hurry to work. We met later that evening for dinner. Su-Jin joined us and we went out to the best place in Daegu for a hamburger, a joint called Burnham's. Burnham's would be completely fine in the States except for two things. The price and the green tomatoes. Other than that, I love the place. The club burger is excellent. After dinner, we headed to Organ Bar for drinks. Su-Jin handled my parents as well as she could have and she didn't break up with me. That's as much as I could have hoped for.

On Thursday, we went for Shabu Shabu(A Korean soup that's difficult to explain). I invited my foreign friends to join, but Daren and Keddie were busy with students and Patrick was in Japan attempting to straighten out his visa. My English friend, Thomas, was the only one who could show up. Thomas was his gentlemanly self and my parents thoroughly enjoyed his company. My parents think I'm a good judge of character. The people I'm closest to in Korea are Su-Jin, Patrick and Thomas. I think they're right. I couldn't have done a better job of choosing my friends.

My parents came to the school on Thursday afternoon. They met most of the weirdos that I've blogged about. Robert was in rare form and Mrs. Kim attempted to bullshit my father. Even I saw right through her. It feels like the worse things get at LIKE, the better my classes get. Strange. The kids loved my parents and apparently don't hate me as much as I would like. I need to start REALLY cracking down on discipline.

Thursday night we headed for Seoul. I skipped dinner to make the last KTX train. We arrived in Seoul after midnight. The line at the cab stand was massive. We walked about a hundred yards away in order to get a taxi before it got to the cab stand. I had to pacify the cabbie with Korean. She spoke zero English and turned down the first foreigner she saw. She got us to the hotel, but the ride was hardly smooth.

The Lotte World Hotel is essentially Korea's answer to Disney World. The amusement park is much smaller and presently closed due to safety concerns. The room was very comfortable and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay.

Seoul was fairly uneventful. I spent time with my parents, we saw some sites and my parents got to know Su-Jin. My father and I saw a ballgame together. The Doosan Bears played the LG Twins. I was rooting for the Bears. The Bears pitching staff took a no-hitter into the 8th before some chump reliever served up a hit. The stadium in Seoul was MUCH nicer than the Daegu stadium. It was an enjoyable experience all around. The cheering section was in rare form.

While I was at the ballgame, Su-Jin took my mom shopping. I think they enjoyed each other's company.

I finally got to see the StarCraft League "stadium." I call it a stadium, actually its the "StarDome." It's really just a big room with chairs and cameras. It was awesome.

I recieved a job offer this week. Its in a suburb of Seoul called Dabongsan. It's in the mountains. I think I can do better. My recruiter won't be happy, but she can go fucking scratch. She works in Insadong(a beautiful part of Seoul in the middle of the city). I don't want to work in the sticks. The best thing about my job in Daegu is the location. I'm a two minute walk from downtown.

Su-Jin and I headed back to Daegu on Sunday night. I was happy to see my parents. I missed my sister though. Too bad she's busy with a real job.


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I so do not have a real job.

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