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Monday, June 18, 2007

Apparently the hiring director in Seoul called LIKE looking for a reference and she got one. Mrs. Kim claims she gave me a positive reference. I just might get this job after all. Isn't that strange. Assuming I get this job, and I refuse to assume that I will until I am in a classroom in Seoul, that will mean that the last three times I interviewed I got the job. That's called a winning streak my friends.

/licks finger and adds another tick mark to an invisble chalkboard

I caught another baseball game on Sunday and I felt I must blog this experience as soon as possible.

Su-Jin and I headed to the ballpark in time to find our seats, get a snack and see the first pitch. We sat in the covered area behind home plate. I costs about 3,000 won more than the general admission seats and they are a lot more pleasant. The Lions were playing the "Unicorns" again. The Unicorns have a white guy that is the Korean equivalent to Manny Ramirez, minus the dreads. "Purumba" absolutely torches Lions pitching, but it appeared that the Lions were doing everything they could to avoid giving him anything to hit. I was expecting the Lions pitchers to roll the ball to the plate underhand.

The Lions kept "Purumba" in check and won an easy 7-0 victory. The KBO All-Star game is next month in Busan. I was going to go, but its in the middle of the week. I will do my best to "cover" the game for this blog. I can't wait, I'm excited to see the best this country has to offer on the same field at the same time. I'm INSANELY excited for next year's WBC. I'll root for the Americans as long as they're not playing Korea. Screw it. I'll still root for the Americans, as long as they show up on time and at least look like they're interested.

I'm 4-1 at ballgames in Korea. I don't know what my record would be at White Sox games, but its safe to say my record wouldn't be .800.

Patrick told me that when he observed his new job he thought of me. They have a standing "No Korean" rule that they actually enforce. He has to prepare. He has to do paperwork. They don't take any shit. I have tried to do all of these things at LIKE only to be met with resistance and ridicule. I guess I'm not the crazy one. There's an old saying, "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that people aren't following me."

"In the airport of life, just the baggage. Think about it."- A.C. Slater.

Some people quote Nietzsche, others quote Einsten, some quote Thoreau, but I quote Slater. I'm not sure what this says about me, but it says something.


Anonymous kidlee said...

There is a video on You Tube called the Slater Dance. This seemed appropriate to accompany your quote.

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