You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I headed to the local police station right after my afternoon class ended at 2:30. I had the document that I needed filled out and the phone number of the recruiter, just in case everything went awry.

I walked in and stuck out like a sore thumb. Par for the course in Daegu. I asked, politely, in Korean if I could get a background check(actually, it translated to "Give me this please). After watching some of the local cops scratch their heads for a few seconds. I called the recruiter. After a short exchange, they snapped to it and figured out what they needed to do to make me leave. Some of the cops took a liking to me. I was told I was handsome at least four times and given a bizarre Korean energy drink while I waited.

I had to go to the main police office in Daegu to get this taken care of. This would have been a problem, except they offered to give me a a police car. I almost jumped out of my skin as I rapidly searched my phrasebook for, "Can I run the siren?"

We were about two minutes into the ride when I asked Officer Hwang, "Siren arayo?" Literal translation, "Do you know "siren."" Response "Siren? Ahhh, siren!" Then handing me the control and allowing me to scare some old Korean lady on the street.

I spent about ten minutes in the main office. Mostly sittting. The staff really took care of me. Overall it was a fairly pleasant experience. Except, I had to walk back. I guess it was happy hour at the station and Officer Hwang had to get back before Min Suk drank all the soju.


Blogger Mike said...

Did they let you wear one of the hats, too.....:)

great story!!!!

10:09 AM  
Anonymous your sister said...

Didn't your momma teach you any better?

4:37 PM  
Anonymous Leaf said...

Mattu! Sounds like you had a good time.

This could be a great script - except while they were driving you to the main police office they would get a radio transmission of a bank robbery in progress and have to take you along -- then upon arrival both of the police are slain and you are left in the car with a shotgun.


MATTU (into police radio): No problemo Officer Wang. It's time to deliver some hard justice - AMERICAN STYLE.

(Through the windshield of the squadcar MATTU sees two BANK ROBBERS exiting KOREAN FINANCIAL with bags of cash. MATTU jumps through the windshield of the car, sending glass flying while he blasts away with the shotgun. We see the robbers crash to the pavement in a heap as Korean currency flutters down around them. MATTU lands gracefully.)

MATTU (to the dead robbers): You're account's been closed.

(MATTU blows the smoke whisping out of his shotgun.)


11:25 AM  

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