You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

I suffered my first rain out of the year yesterday. Thankfully, Su-Jin and I purchased seats in the "expensive" zone behind homeplate, so we were completely dry when the announcement was made. Good thing too, it rained until the next morning.

It's officially monsoon season in Korea. It means a month of grey skies and a constant pissing rain. Not delicious.

I managed to catch Sunday's game after Saturday's rainout. My good buddy Jake accompanied Su-Jin and I to the stadium this time. We watched the Samsung Lions and Hanhwa Eagles play like they spent the entire night out drinking, made it home around 6 am, then got the call from the manager at 11 that they would have to actually play at 2pm. To say the game was boring is an understatement. I've never fallen asleep during a ballgame, but today, I was close. The final was 4-2. The Lions recieved solid pitching from their starter, but the bullpen fell apart faster than me playing StarCraft against Patrick. It went something like this. Leadoff walk, sacrifice, double, walk, homerun, strike out, pop up. It was like watching the White Sox for the past month.

Speaking of, until the trade deadline, there won't be much on the beloved Sox here. Unless they do us all a favor and crash the team plane into a mountain. I'm on the Brewers bandwagon now baby! I'm riding the Crew to October. The Commisioner's Trophy needs a beer!!!

Another bump in the road for me to stay in Daegu. I want to come home for the holidays. Badly. If I take a 4 month or 6 month contract at an Academy in Daegu, this would make travel plans difficuly. Academies don't give much time off. Speaking of, wasn't I going to take a Japan trip...this year?

A bump on the road for me to go to Seoul. I need to get a background check. From a Korean police department. To say that Korean police are lazy isn't accurate. Lazy implies that you're actually doing a little work, albeit, not very hard. A Korean police office is a great place to see Korean guys sleep. Thank god the populace is a law abiding one. If anyone knew...


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