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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Just when I think I have things figured out here, everything gets strange again.

I start all my classes essentially the same way. "Hello, hello , hello! Welcome to class! Welcome to class! Hello! Hello! I have one rule, one rule, one rule. Only English, no Korean, please."

I said this to the class(this class is lower level middle schoolers and, well, lower level elementary schoolers). I made eye contact with one of the girls, it was clear that she understood. Within .00000002 seconds of me saying this, she turned her head and started to chatter away in Korean. I considered this incredibly disrespectful and rude. This is not the first time she has done this to me. I not so politely asked her to leave my classroom. She did with little argument. I guess she took, "Get out," as "Get out of the building," and she left. Her friends asked the secretaries where she went to. I guess Mrs. Kim overheard their conversation and questioned me about it. It went something like this.

PaymEeTaeSoon: Matthew, did you make her leave your class???
DeForeskin: Hell yeah!!!!
PaymEeTaeSoon: You cannot do that. What if the parents complain???
DeForeskin: Tell them that she broke my ONE rule and was asked to leave because she was rude.
PaymEeTaeSoon: What is that rule?
DeForeskin: No Korean.
PaymEeTaeSoon: What!?! You can't expect them to speak only English. What do you think this is??? Some kind of 'English School?'
DeForeskin: Yeah, actually.
PaymEeTaeSoon: No, they cannot do that.
DeForeskin: Yeah, god forbid we actually make them practice their English. They might, you know improve and then how would we keep them paying for classes? Teach cooking???
PaymEeTaeSoon: Starting next week you have to teach western cooking. Go to the corner conveinience store and buy the finest, cheapest items you can find. Tell them its a hamburger.
DeForeskin: Are can't be...are you serious. Is this some kind of joke???
PaymEeTaeSoon: NO!!!!

We had a disagreement first about kicking kids out. I have no manager, no detention room and no assistance from any of the Korean staff that I can count on. I told her this and I told her as soon as I'm presented with a better option, I'll do it, until then, "NO SOUP FOR YOU!" Then we had a disagreement about my, "No Korean" rule. It's not rigidly enforced. What I do, depending on the age of the students, is I either draw a smiley face or three slashes and each time they speak Korean, I erase a little. Should there be so much Korean that all of it is erased, I start adding minutes. Personally, I think this is a great way to run a classroom. Whatever. She can go fucking scratch too. I think that she lost a fight with Robert. They had a big argument and it was clear she didn't get her way, so I think she chose to tear into the quiet midwestern kid. The thought process has to be, "Hmmmm, Robert got the better of me.....what will amuuuuuuuuuse me now? I know. Bring me DeWoskin. He hasn't suffered enough this week, muahahahahaha!" 3 1/2 more months until I can go to Seoul and get a public school job. Then this is someone else's problem. I can barely look Mrs. Kim in the eye any more. It's just the same nonsense EVERY DAY.

Attached is the only video that can make me smile. "I DO COCAINE!!!!!!"


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I had written an awesome comment about how there was a baby in the apartment last week...but now it's gone. Oh well...there was a baby in the apartment last week.

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