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Sunday, May 13, 2007

I attended a Lions/Unicorns game yesterday and felt like I must blog this experience immeadiately.

That's right, there's a team here that calls themselves "The Unicorns." In the competition to have the least intimidating team nickname, the Hyundai Unicorns have built a large, large lead. When the Expos and the Mighty Ducks hang out, they giggle about these guys behind their backs.

The lone wolf had to fly alone yesterday. Everyone ditched me. Su-Jin was taking care of her sick dog, Jerry disappeared(his whereabouts remain unknown), Daren overslept and Tall Brian politely bowed out. I walked from my apartment to the game in about 30 minutes.

The cheering section was mostly full, but the outfield seats were completely unmolested, so I headed to centerfield to get the best view of the action. I sat next to a security guard and the camera guy. I figured they were the least likely to want to have an awkward English conversation with me. I was 100% correct. The seats started to fill up in the 2nd inning. A teenager sat in front of me with a friend and his girlfriend. The entertaining part was that soon after sitting down, the teenager donned a gardening hat. Picture a hat that you would expect Jason's mom to put on while tending the garden and that was what this guy was wearing. For the entire game. I freely admit, that it was in fact sunny and it was a good idea to cover up, but come on. If I did that at a Sox game, what are the chances that I make it out of the stands with the hat intact? 1%? Also, if Koreans forget their big, floppy sun hats, they buy large paper cones to put on their heads. Again, the purpose is to keep the harsh Daegu sun off their faces, but why do the hats come in light blue with white polka dots? I saw several guys in oversize shirts and jeans with large necklaces wearing these. Awesome.

The first batter of the game for the "Unicorns" hit a leadoff homerun. Things did get better. The Lions took the lead and eventually won the game. Oh Seung Hwan came in to nail down the game and put a large smile on my face. At one point, before he started warming up in the bullpen, he was just jogging to loosen up his closin' muscles. When he'd run past the cheering section, they'd start chanting his name. I want this to start at my job. I start prepping for class and my kids come into the computer lab chanting my name and banging the goofy balloon stix. I'd be so pumped that I'd headbutt Mr. Kim while walking the walk of inevitable triumph.

All in all, a fun day was had by all. I even got to see a perfectly executed Suicide Squeeze play. Suicide Squeeze is when the runner at third takes off before the pitch is thrown and the batter bunts the ball. It makes a play at the plate impossible, but it can be difficult to execute. The Lions nailed it yesterday.

Next weekend the Samsung Lions take on the LG Twins in Daegu. I'm just assuming the Twins are completely evil. Any team named the Twins is out to frustrate me as a fan. The Twins of Minnesota are exhibit A and my closing argument. I'll do my best to attend, but it seems like every time I try to go to two games in a weekend here, something goes awry and I only make it to one game. Rain, for example this weekend.

In other news, I got new glasses. Glass, two boxes of contacs and an exam cost about $100 American. I don't know why Americans pay through the fucking nose for this shit. It's just plastic and metal, but I guess optometrist's have to make boat payments.

I found this in Wikipedia. Interesting.


Anonymous kidlee said...

Thank g-d Mr. Kim has been spared a head butt. The students chanting your name would be good. Try to take a picture of the paper cone hats so we can have the full experience.

7:25 PM  

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