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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We found out last week that Patrick is a noraebong(singing room) star. He's not necessarily good, but he takes things to another level in terms of energy and prescense as well as volume. He could be heard in the bathroom that was around the corner from the room we were in. He and I teamed up for a duet on Saturday for Night Ranger's Sister Christian. It was Patrick and I, along with Su-Jin and her friends. I will never forget the look of sheer terror on the Koreans when we hit the first "motoring." It was priceless.

Classes were fairly tame and we added a new teacher to the mix. Her name is Ruth, she's somewhere around my age and she's from Ireland. I also instituted a "No Korean" policy. First I ask the class if they want jelly candy. They always say "yes." Then I write in "No Korean" on the board and three slashes underneath. If they speak Korean, I erase a part of the slashes. If I speak Korean I add slashes(it's only fair). So far, its worked. Especially with the younger kids. I have one class that just doess not get it and has yet to receive any candy in three 40 minute periods. I did such a good job with one of my classes that they signed up all their friends. So, it went from English class to hangin' wit a foreigner. It sucks now, it didn't.

I received a compliment in front of Mrs. Kim. My TOEFL kids asked if I could teach them on Saturday. She told them I don't work on Saturdays. I don't expect them to storm the school should I be fired, but five minutes of pouting wouldn't hurt.

I'm now in Physics Brians' room. I had to clean out his fridge. It was disgusting. He is a condiment freak. He had at least 50 bottles of stuff in there, all half empty. I tossed most of the stranger ones. I'm just glad there wasn't any rotting meat or vegetables. I would have saved them and returned them when he gets back from Thailand. "You forgot something..."

The room is at least 20 times less depressing than my old room. 100 times less depressing when Su-Jin comes over. I have a TV stand, a desk that isn't falling apart and a balcony. There are worse ways that I could spend the next 7 months. One of them would be my old room.

It's nice being away from Chicago while everyone is mourning the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl loss. I had a "Michael Corlene" moment with them on Monday. Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. I was tired of the Bears. I had been hurt too many times. Every mediocre team, every "lucky" lightning in a bottle team, every team that just plain sucked. Every one of them just hurt too much. Then a Bears team made a Super Bowl and I was back in. Tossing my hat at the TV and swearing every time they handed the ball to the Colts. Before I used to laugh and actually hope that things would achieve "Football Follies" level ridiculous(Kordell Stewart vs the 49ers, anyone?). Not Monday morning. I was calling my dad and my friends to bemoan our fate. (It was really cool to talk to everyone, although I noticed Kotch slipped out the back while Sellers was preparing the noose, well played)

I'm done with the Bears. I just can't take these guys anymore. I'm declaring free agency until they get a quarterback. Everyone else in the NFL has figured out that you need a quarterback. The best QB the Bears have had in the last 40 years(not counting Kyle Orton, he's a weapon far too deadly to ever unleash on the rest of the league, but with him on the bench we made it to the Super Bowl, coincedence?I think not) was Jim McMahon. I hate to break this to everyone, but they won't be making his bust in Canton anytime soon. Without even looking, I guarantee every other team in the league has had someone better in that time period.(Except Arizona, they're not actually a team, but a charity case) Until a change is made at the QB position, I'm done. Seriously. I have the White Sox to torture me for the next few decades until I die.


Anonymous Jason Burley of the Cage said...

Hey, I quit football altogether after that one. The superbowl was mediocre at best and that INCLUDES most of the commercials. (Once upon a time, I used to LIVE for them but now....neh.) I mean the halftime show with prince was watchable, but the guitar solo behind the curtain...seems like he hasn't lost any of his showmanship he had in the 80's huh?

Anyway, I must continue on thawing...after 5 hours of work... Funny that this is my first reply since you left...sorry about that by the way, I wont let it happen again. ;)

11:14 AM  
Blogger Leaf said...

I think Kotch may have been secretly celebrating in his car for the Colts big win.

Your call helped Seller's keep it together after the big heartbreaker.

The poor lil guy had the quivering lip syndrome the entire 3rd and 4th quarter.

1:44 PM  

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