You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

This week also went by way too fast. It's starting to become a theme in this country. Time seems to fly.

Classes were easy enough. I was asked to teach at the Manchon school on Saturday and agreed. It was only five classes and the kids at Manchon actually behave. I'm used to turning my back for two seconds and having Korean children running and screaming at the Samduk school. Not the case at Manchon. The kids actually stay in their seats. It was a little eerie at first. The Manchon school is well organized and well run. I'm not sure I can go back to my school after this. It's just not fair. If I had to make a sports comparison, I'd say Manchon is the San Antonio Spurs of LIKE. A good team put together by a good manager and they've never made any stupid panic moves and they're incredibly well organized from top to bottom.

Drama class was interesting this week. I had the kids on the stage with a Korean teacher on Thursday. The Korean teacher was PISSED. The kids were a little rowdy, but nothing I haven't dealt with easily 500 times before by now. He totally lost his shit with one kid. It was nice to see that most of the kids don't behave much better for Korean teachers than they do for me. Other than that, this week was uneventful with no fatalities, injuries or crying kids.

I saw a lot of Su Jin this week. We probably hung out four or five times this week. Some of my foriegn friends are starting to feel neglected. Sorry guys. I can only imagine how all my friends and family in the USA feel. Damn, I'm a selfish bastard.

I did watch the first half of the Bears game last weekend and I plan to do the same this week. I'm not impressed. I'm taking them over the Saints this week. Everyone is picking the Saints. Vegas stays open for a reason. The Rex Factor is canceled out by the dome team in 30 degree weather factor. The Saints are under tremendous pressure to win and the Bears really aren't. I think this could be a factor in the first half. Bears 27, Saints 17. Hello SuperBowl! I still can't get excited about this team. Now Arsenal on the other hand...

We had a big birthday bash/going away party for one of my good friends at a foriegner bar last night. It was tremendous fun(free shots, it pays to get cozy with the bartenders here), until around 4:30. Then, everyone got mean. Not everyone, just some of the more drunken ladies. The birthday girl and her friend who was visiting from Seoul got into a major tussle. The friend was drunk and making an ass out of herself. The birthday girlwas drunk and tried to stop her. At least that's how I understand the story. I was busy outside arguing with two friends about my relationship with Su Jin. I freely admit I have had my head in the clouds for about two weeks. I have thought of my friends, but I haven't been in contact with them much. I didn't even realize it until one of them angrily confronted me about it. I made the Peyton Manning Face the whole time(think stunned disbelief, like I threw for 350+ yards, but my team is still losing 24-20 in the final seconds). I was trying to figure out if I had lost my mind and I was hallucinating all of this or if everyone else had suddenly gone crazy and I was just a victim of their insanity. I guess I was being an ass, but my phone hasn't exactly been ringing off the hook. I don't really think I consciously did anything wrong, but my friends' feelings are hurt. I will, in all likelihood, do the right thing.

I've been inviting to go sky diving in July with a former Korean soldier and his unit. I always thought this country would kill me, at least now I know how.


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