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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend classes started this week and so far, they are a lot of fun.

My first class is a drama class. The kids are all asleep, so its my job to get them awake and speaking. No problem. I just turn on the full force of my personality and they are defenseless against it.

My next two classes are TOEFL classes, no problem. I've had most of these kids before, so they know I will treat them fairly and not put up with any bullshit. I assigned homework and they all did it. Everyone knew that I would make the next forty minutes of class very difficult if they didn't. I treat the TOEFL kids like adults as long as they allow me to. I have two boys who are best friends in one class. One if roughly 6'5 and the other is 5'2. Their nicknames are Stretch and Big Man.

Morning classes are easy. It's having to come back in the afternoon for classes that's difficult.

I like to play with the younger kids and they really seem to respond to it. It makes the classes much more fun and the students are more willing to listen if they think they get to play with the big kid afterwards. Well, I kinda dropped one. She was swinging on my arm, lost her grip and did a face plant. She cried, I comforted and then I felt like a monster for the rest of the day until a more seasoned veteran teacher told me the worst story he has ever heard. A teacher had a kid who was throwing pencils. The teacher had enough and put the kid in the corner and threw the pencils at him. On the third pencil, the kid turned around and the pencil hit him underneath the eye and it stuck. The kid was bleeding and screaming. The parents complained, but nothing ever happened to the teacher. I guess I'm not that awful.

I had a FANTASTIC date yesterday. I always worry that when I date Korean girls its always going to turn into an expensive English lesson. This time it was more of a French lesson. I told this to my friend Daren and she responded with, "Matt, I didn't know you could speak French." We met for coffee, went out for sushi, then went to a dvd 방 and watched "The Sting" and then I took her for hot choco. A fun time was had by all.

Today I was lazy and my guts are killing me. Korean sushi has been known to tear me up. No more Korean sushi.

We have a new teacher, his name is Patrick and so far he's a pretty cool dude. He likes comics and baseball. We can't be enemies. He's a Marvel Comics fan and an Atlanta Braves fan.....hmmmm maybe we can be enemies. ;)

I was able to get a hold of Zwirb, Ben, Brad and Mark this weekend. It was really cool to talk to you guys, really cool. It keeps me from going crazy. I can only ask Korean children if they like orange juice so many times before I want to tear my hair out. It was nice to ask Sellers if he likes orange juice.

My new favorite emoticon. --*. Close one eye and give an angry look with the other. Awesome.


Anonymous kidlee47 said...

That emoticon looks like that teacher in the Daria cartoon.

8:54 AM  
Blogger Leaf said...

Who needs orange juice when you can drink an orange swarm?

(the "Orange Swarm" is a drink invented by sellers and zwirb in honor of the day the Bears wore their orange jerseys)

It was good to hear from you man. You sound the same. And by the same I mean goofy, slightly angry, and ready to hand out a beat down at the drop of a hat.

You won sellers a lot of money in the poker game while you talked with him, but then he promptly lost it to Kotch.

peace out broham

11:13 PM  
Anonymous your sister said...

Hey, Matt? Seriously... you should hear the dinner conversations around here now. Mom and Dad are starting to give me the rundown on everything you write here. There was a long discussion about what might make Korean sushi disagree with you (I don't care what Mom or Dad think, it's the inferior Korean rice).

This totally makes me glad that Mom and Dad have NO IDEA where my blog is.

Take care...

10:50 PM  

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