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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Quick update because I am sick.

These Korean germs are really annoying, In America, I just get really angry and the germs leave my body. Here? No amount of anger can get these things to leave. I have tested this thoroughly. I don't feel that bad, just a scratchy throat, bad things coming out of my head and a smoker's cough. I've had exactly two cigarettes in the past week because I want to get healthy.

Despite my condition, I had a fantastic date with Eun Jung. The purpose was to introduce on of my friends to one of hers, they both got terribly drunk and wound up hating each other. Eun Jung and I left the party at midnight to go on a three hour walk. That's right, we walked and talked for three hours around downtown Daegu.

Also, I can now read Korean. The vowels are still a little tricky(they all look the sameㅏㅣㅓㅗㅜ) It's a big help at drugstores and restaurants. I read a bottle last night for Daren, it was a Taurine beverage and she thought it was a cold remedy.

I had four speech students last week go to competition. Three of them won. I was really, really proud. Now, they're on to the semi-finals in Seoul. I better not have to attend. That would be a weekend of torture.

Physics Brian called out sick and instead of having one of the Kim's teach his classes, they just doubled mine. Thanks Brian. Thanks a lot. I had sixteen middle schoolers in one. It was a battle. I had Han Solo reunited with all his buddies. I moved him to a special seat immeadiately, that bought me maybe five minutes until they figured out, "Hey, now we can throw things across the room at each other. Bombs away!" I made it through most of the lesson, but my worksheet was useless becuase half the class had already done it and the other half was just starting. Oh well.

I drafted my fantasy basketball team this week. I had the first pick so I scored Bron-Bron. I really like my team this year, but it may be hard to compete because I can't actually watch the games, unlike last year where I was an NBA junkie.

All packages will be mailed when I get paid, so probably Friday.


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