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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Two links of the day for KCNA aka the North Korean propaganda machine. "There's a man fer every job." - Harvey Pekar.

Bonus points for the insult generator.

We hear jetplanes every day now. North Korea may soon be a parking lot.

We have a student named "Han Solo." His real name is "Han Su," so we just made him Han Solo and he HATES it. He's also about the most obnoxious kid I've ever met and I take great joy in making him unhappy....and teaching him English at the same time. Whenever he acts up, I have an impression of his voice. He likes to shout broken English, so I shout back at him in the same loud, annoying voice. I also enjoy moving his seat, basically, anything I can do to torture this kid into shutting up, I'd be willing to try. His goal is not to learn English, but to prevent others from learning. He's also large enough to pose a problem for me should he turn violent(I could take him).

On friday, I hung out with South Korea's answer to gork(the fat trenchcoat-wearing moron from Calgary) and his lazy canadian whore friend Steph. (Yes, I name names) We were going bowling, the idea of seeing this putz flop all over himself while trying to bowl amused me, but the bowling alley was closed. On the walk back, they launched into their pro-canada rant. According to them, Calgary is the fastest growing metropolis on the planet(I thought it was a shithole truckstop, but what do I know?) and Canada is another word for Utopia. My exact words before going home, "If you like it there so much, why leave? You should definitely go back. In fact, I'm saving up every penny I have to buy a house in Calgary. You've convinced me." The response? "Matt, there aren't any houses available. Its growing that fast." I just shut the door behind me. The next night, while out at the one American-Chinese restaurant, I bump into these jokers again and they act like we're old friends that haven't met in years. I was stunned. Capt. Calgary launched into a painfully bad series of jokes before I walked away.

Last night was a birthday party for one of the lifers here. He's a guy who's been here for five years with no end in sight. I am terrified I may turn into him. He wore a shirt with no collar. Ew. He left around 2am. He couldn't walk and was shuffled into a cab. One of his Korean co-workers brought his 2 year old son to the bars. Yikes. It was indeed an awkward party.

Right now, I'm watching my beloved soccer club, Arsenal, destroy puny Reading. Listening to new school punk rock on Yahoo's launchcast and generating random insults on the nk-news web page. Now for bed...


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