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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween was a success. The kids were insanely cute and I actually taught them a lesson in American culture that few will soon forget. There weren't any elaborate costumes. I was hoping kids would make ridiculous robot outfits, but I had to settle for disappointment.

I was working with a Korean teacher, she would help translate and explain. It was a HUUUUGE help. It turns out at least one of the Korean teacher's isn't completely scary.

We had ten minutes left with one class and we had exhausted the material available. She asked me if I had anything else to do. My response was, "Well, there is the song..." I taught a class of twenty Koreans the trick-or-treating poem. You know, the one with "smell my feet." They wanted to know about the second part. "I'll pull up your underwear." I had to explain a wedgie to twenty eager Koreans and one mortified Korean teacher, which led to a discussion on the atomic wedgie. I'm dreading the news broadcast. "A string of wedgie-related assaults have plagued Daegu for the past few hours. Torn underwear bands are littering the streets. The police have found the ringleader, a 26 year old ESL teacher from America."

I am convinced I will have kids come up to me for months yelling out, "Trick or treat!" I'll say, "trick," and then be a victim of an atomic wedgie.

I dressed up for the Halloween party at the apartment, but I just went with the light up devil horns during class. I'd turn them off and say, "Teacher happy!" Then the kids would start acting up, I'd yell out, "Teacher angry!" and proceed to terrorize them until someone turned off my horns. A good time was had by all.

My throat is still terribly sore from Seoul. I can barely speak and when I do I sound like a ten pack a day smoker.

I wanted to go to bed early, but I turned into Mr. Popularity. First, Maria called to confirm a lunch meeting(she's an education major and I wanted to discuss a few things with her), then my Korean homeboy Kee Young dialed me up to holla at me and finally Eun Jung called to either practice her English or flirt with me. I'm not sure which.

The Samsung(Daegu) Lions won the Korean series. Yeah, I'm a champion no matter where I live. I never thought I'd live to see the Lions win a championship. Never.


Blogger Leaf said...

I was a pirate for Halloween.

The hat is pretty sweet. We were passing it around to the victors at madden / poker / NHL 2k6 Hockey.

I beat Kotch at Madden! I returned 2 interceptions against him. I was so happy I wanted to jump and dance around...but he was pretty upset..he looked like he was going to throw a mantrum.

11:42 AM  

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