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Sunday, October 29, 2006

The weekend started with a meeting on Friday. They called in all the foreign teachers and Korean teachers who work for LIKE. We sat at one table, the Koreans at another. The first half was typical work bullshit. Then, the leader(Kim Hee Duk, the Kim family's youngest son) ordered the Korean teachers out and wanted to speak with the foreign teachers about discipline. Apparently, the biggest issues for foreign teachers here is a lack of respect from the students and difficulty being taken seriously by the Korean staff. Hee Duk promises changes, but offered little as far as substance. There was one answer that would have made most people tear their hair out. In response to a question about a little girl that one teacher believes is a victim of domestic abuse, "You can't change the world." I almost threw up. The biggest highlight of the meeting was Robert giving a demonstration on fire safety. He screwed up about two minutes in when he said, "Water is flammable." It went downhill quickly. I had my back to him, so I was able to hide my giggles, while others had to remain stoic. It wasn't easy for most. He made a worksheet with an acronym.

Work was fairly dull, except for some excitement for Physics Brian with the class formerly known as my hell class. The kid with the middle finger problem started swearing at him in Korean and Brian totally lost his shit with him. I saw a yellow shirt run past my door with something in its arms and I knew. The hell class was back.

After work, we had REAL Halloween party at the apartment complex. Things escalated quickly. We attempted to order pizza, but every pizza restaurant was closed at 11pm on a Friday. So, a group of us went out in costume to scare the locals and get some fried chicken. We ordered what we thought was three large boxes of fried chicken. It turned out we ordered three large boxes of chicken feet with hot sauce. I didn't try any, but by all accounts, they were repulsive. The party got out of hand as soon as we got back. There were people throwing up, people wrestling and true party veterans just watching others act like mutants. A good time was had by most.

Saturday was a dull day for me. I didn't really want to go out much because I had to be up way too early on Sunday for my train to Seoul. Physics Brian and I were invited out for something called "Pizza Pajan" by two of our female coworkers. Pajan is essentially a Korean pancake. I like Pizza. I like Pajan. I LOATHE them together. It was really repulsive, especially after one of our coworkers built it up like it was the greatest shit on the planet.

Sunday was a lot of fun. Vegan Brian, Hee-Chon and myself headed out to Seoul very early in the morning. Vegan Brian was really excited at the prospect of building a new desktop computer. I was excited about getting some new xbox games. Hee-Chon was excited about getting new DVD's. Hee-Chon and I are able to claim, "Mission: Accomplished," but Brian had a great deal of difficulty in getting his newly purchased components to work together. He believes the new motherboard he bought may or may not be fried. I also picked up a wedding gift for Hassman. It's perfect for the happy couple and if its not, good luck returning it.


Anonymous kidlee said...

There are some old people in the city of Chicago who find chicken feet a delicacy. I find the thought repulsive too!

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