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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I spent Friday night hanging with Eun Jung and her Korean friends. Our first stop was her favorite bar. A hip hop club called "Julliard." After a drink or to we headed to a board game room. I taught them Uno, they taught me Holly Golly(strange game that I can't possible describe here, I lost badly) and we ended with a game of Jenga. Then off to a Korean restaurant for soju and kimchi. It was here that things took a turn for the worse. They decided to comment on my lack of ability with chopsticks and inform me that I hold them incorrectly. I'm able to stuff my gullet with squid, as long as the squid gets there, I figure "mission accomplished." Jerkbags. Eun Jung did rush to my defense when it was obvious I was becoming irritated. She's awesome and hopefully going to assist me in getting these stupid pics off the stupid(amazing) cell phone next week.

On Saturday, other than working out, I stayed in. I had to stay up late because a mosquito(in Korean "moogey") was loose in my room and I had to capture it. This required me to stay up and play video games until I could ensure its capture. Today(Sunday) I just dicked around all day. I played chess against a guy who is around 1300 or 1400 in the world. He taught me a lot, then I thrashed him at Fight Night Round 3.

I'm prepping a care package of stuff for everyone in the states. Let me know if there are any(realistic) requests. No clothing. I'm not going to guess how fat Zwirb has become and wind up picking the 5X jersey instead of the 6 because he needs the extra material, otherwise the buttons will be all separated.

The only work story that I really have is that the hell class is no longer mine. I traded with Physics Brian. He gets the monsters now and I get his 5:15 class. He had the monsters on Friday and they were actually slightly okay. At least not tearing his room apart. I think this is all a ruse and I'm not falling for it. They want me to think that they're not that bad, so I'll go back to being their teacher. No fucking way. Also, everyone gets an "English name." Like in Spanish when I was called "Mateo" instead of Matt. I've taken some creative license with this. I've got a Nightwing, a Robin, an Aquaman and a Daredevil. Nothing makes me smile more than yelling out,"Nightwing, stop it! Leave Daredevil alone!"

I'd just like to make a suggestion for my posse back home. Timesplitters 2 is an underrated game and is worth a download for the multiplayer mode. Think halo except with weapons that aren't boring.

No new link worth posting. But I'd like to give a special shout out to my homeboy in the sticks, Paul. Someone close to him is going through an impossible situation right now, say a prayer for her if you're inclined.


Anonymous Zardoz said...

Thats cold Obi Wan, why do I get singled out?

4:28 AM  
Blogger Leaf said...

Hello, please send me hot girls (without clothes per your rule).

12:13 PM  

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