You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Friday, November 10, 2006

A new teacher landed in Daegu today. The Kim's allowed him two hours of rest before sending him to the school. We don't have any apartment rooms available for him, so he's living in Mr. Kim's den. I wonder if they will have breakfast together.

Today was "Teacher Training Day," all classes were canceled and I was the only one who had to come in to work because I have it in my contract that I don't work weekends. I spent most of the day proofreading and helping the occasional speech student(the competition is tomorrow, I have three kids going to Seoul). The new teacher (Andrew) stopped by the school in the late afternoon. I walked him around the 'hood. Introduced him to a few of the friendly locals. Showed him the PC 방, gave him a few tips and helped him locate some groceries. He reminded me a lot of me when I first landed and I see now how important everyone at the apartment complex was to my survival. I wanted to take him downtown and show him the Burger King, but he was too tired. I could actually see the life flowing out of him. Had we waited any longer, I would have brought back his skeleton. He would have decomposed like the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I gave the kid my cell number. I'm fully expecting at least one panicked phone call before the weekend is out. I owe it to those who helped me to give this kid a hand.

I had to proofread Mr. Kim's autobiography. It is fifteen chapters of PURE pain. Apparently, his uncle left him a lot of money which he used on several failed ventures before hitting it big as an ESL teacher. Once, he bought three hundred chickens and just kept them in his apartment. The heater broke and chickens started dying. Imagine a few hundred chickens crapping all over your home and then they start dying. Kim Poultry Inc. never had a chance.

Tomorrow there are so many events, parties and get togethers that I'm sure I will go to none of them and wind up playing Starcraft for hours.

Korean girlfriend just learned the word "stupid." After asking me a question(in Korean) and I responded "I don't know," (in Korean, "mullayo.") she proudly proclaimed, "Ah! Stupid!" I asked her to pronounce the word, "squirrel." She couldn't. "Now who's stupid!" Actually, things are going well. We still haven't gotten past holding hands. Apparently the social rule here is 10 dates before any extracurricular activity of any kind. I guess they like to make sure guys aren't complete scumbags before hooking up. Actually even when she declares that I'm "stupid," she's still cute. Aw. I'm starting to add vocabulary, I can say tree, bench, shirt, shoes, pants and hat.

The xbox will cost roughly $50 American to fix. I just want my box back and until there are chips for the 360, I'm staying away.

I finally watched Walk The Line this week. It was good. Not great.


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