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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

After the behaviour of some of my classes and some sage-like advice from a few teachers who have been here forever, I've altered some of my attitudes towards discipline.

Now, if a kid misbehaves, first they get put on the ceiling. Then, stuck in the corner. And finally, threatened to be thrown off the balcony complete with me holding them over the side. I've also taken to picking on some of them who really ask for it. Boys don't like being told they might be queer. So, should they be talking or all up in each other's area, I say in Korean, "No kissing!" They lose it. Class has been much smoother since I started doing this. I also randomly throw things when kids get out of hand or aren't paying attention. Nothing gets them back into class faster than a flying marker wizzing past their ear. :)

Strange fact about Korea. They eat Ramen like popcorn...literally. Smash up a bag of Ramen, open it up, add seasoning, smash again and eat. It's not bad for a snack.

More mosquitos. I guess they missed me.

So the Bears are 5-0. The only thing this means is that 5-11 is still possible. Boo! Boo!

Care package #2 showed up today. Yay! Jerky and MST for me!


Blogger Leaf said...


Wow, since when did you start spelling words like a cheeky Brit?

I dare say it sounds like you need to get a few pairs of pompous shoes govna'.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Zardoz said...

Actually Matt, I beleive Shoota just started scoring Bears games so I have a feeling he will go back and take away some of those victories since he likes Grossman as much as Joe Crede. Grossman didnt really make that pass because the reciever had to go out of his route to catch it, doesnt count. I think the Bears have probably only won a game or maybe 2 according to the Shoota rulebook. SOunds like its onlya matter of time before you start asking your students if they've, "gone faggot" and really mean it. You missed a viewing of The Wizard this past weekend with Fred "Wonder Years" Savage, Christian "random starfleet guy cameon and Kuffs" Slater and Mo Bridges. Damn, makes me want to pick up a Power Glove, cuz its so bad.

8:50 AM  

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