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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Very strange weekend.

I was nursing mosquito bites on Friday and I decided to stay in. Brian offered me Benadryl to deal with my bites. I read the label, it said you can take in six hours, so I took four right away. Brian said, "You didn't really just take four did you?" I nodded. "I hope you're ready to sleep." I stayed up for a while playing Timesplitters 3 in co-op mode with Brian and then I made my way to bed. No drunken shenanigans for me.

I woke up around 10am and went to the bathroom. This was difficult because I was locked in spaghetti mode. My limbs just wouldn't respond. I went back to bed and woke up a 3. My bites had reduced in size, but I was still groggy. I had four more pills. I took two immeadiately and went out with Brian for Indian food. I took the last two a few hours later and I woke up around 730 pm.

Other Brian invited me out to dinner. A guy that we know hosted a dinner for Korean students and American teachers. The purpose is for Korean students to interact with native English speakers on a conversational level. This is where things got weird.

I don't really trust the guy who hosts these things. He's the kind of guy that has to know everyone and hang out with everyone. Let me put it to you this way, I won't lend him money under any circumstance. I just don't trust this guy, but the dinner was free as long as I spoke English to people.

I arrived around 8 with B-dog and I was seated at a table with two terrified Koreans. One was an INSANELY adorable korean girl(I wound up getting her number , wink wink) and a typical Korean 20 year old. We hung out there until around 11 when we were rushed off to a hip hop bar called Old Skool. The adorable Korean girl had a little too much and threw up. She was a trooper though and stayed out until 4. A Korean guy challenged B-dog and Daren to a drinking contest, we placed bets on who we thought would win. I was the only one who bet on the Korean. I won. So 6000 won and a free dinner, things are coming up Matt.

We hung out at Itaewon for a little. Korean girl went home after a round or two. She sent me a good night text at 5am, awwwww. Then things got really weird. I went home. Keddie and Daren had a huge fight and aren't speaking to each other. B-Dog stayed out. He bumped into Katie and a wounded David. David was out with his Korean girlfriend and someone tried to rip him off at a noraebong. David wouldn't pay up, so they roughed him up a little. It was like all the roles were reversed. I was the sober guy hooking up with cute girls and THEY were all mutants boozing and brawling. Strange, strange night and I know it won't be my last.

Class is going well. I have one class full of brats and the rest are mostly fine.

Not much happened today. I have a gym membership. $69 American a month. It's going to be a month of man ass. I just hung out with Brian and one of his Korean friends. Great guy, speaks almost fluent English.


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