You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

This is actually my second post because my first was erased because I am unable to speak Korean. The keyboard may be in English, but the Browser is not, so this is very confusing.

The flight was no big deal. I was given my own row and I was generally unmolested. I was able to finally watch Tokyo Drift. It's an awful, awful movie that gets bonus points for the ending.

The adventure didn't begin until I landed in Daegue and had the problem of meeting "Mr. Kim." I found him fairly easily but he wasn't the best conversationalist in the world. He speaks ZERO English. I spent the entire car ride trying to figure out exactly where he would stop and harvest my organs.

He dropped me off at the school, which happens to be about 100 yards from the apartment complex I'm caged in. Mrs. Kim bought me some groceries and took me to the apartment. It's the most instantly depressing dwelling I have ever observed, especially after seeing how everyone else is living. To say my apartment is underfurnished wouldn't be accurate. It has no furniture other than a bed and a dresser. I have a TV, but no cable. I also have a kitchen set, all of which needed a deep cleaning before it could be used. I share a floor with three other English teachers and I live above 5 others. They've all been exceptionally helpful. Without Brian's advice and counsel this would likely be a suicide note.

I have observed classes on Thursday and Friday and I will be teaching my first class on Monday. All the kids are extremely cute, in fact adorable and fairly interested in learning English. Here's hoping things go well, I'm sure I'll be blogging again tomorrow about my experiences.

I've hit three "foreigner" bars. Itewon, Thunderbird and Hotel Ariana. Ariana was the cheapest, an all you can eat/drink buffet for roughly $15 American. Itewon was the coolest. It featured pool tables and a computer to choose music.

I was off on my own for the first time today. I had to actually speak Korean and get myself where I was going all alone. I've never been prouder. Matt 1, Korea 0.

The drinking stories I've heard here aren't exaggerated. Everyone can drink. The tiniest of Korean girls can drink me stupid. No joke. It's a national hobby.

I've been to HomePlus(think Walmart) and I'm fairly set up as far as household supplies goes. Not that there is much to take care of.

My Korean is slowly improving. Tomorrow will be a big test in class. I think I know enough to get myself through a day as an English Teacher. On of my coworkers uses a paddle. It was the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

Yeah, there has been some culture shock, some confusion and some general moodiness. I have to find a health club, the guns are starting to waste away without constant exercise. What else is going on? Snakes on a Plane premieres at the end of the month here, I'm organizing a group outing. There should be another update fairly soon, detailing me actually having to work...


Anonymous kidlee47 said...

It's good to hear that you are no longer jet-lagged. That first phone call sounded kind of down, but that may have been my fuzzy recollection without coffee. Good luck with your first forray into teaching. Have fun with it and your students should respond positively.

7:15 PM  
Blogger Leaf said...

Congrats dude! Glad you have made it thus far on your yearlong adventure. Hassman's wedding was really nice, it went off great.

I'd write more but it's sunday night before work, so I'm depressed/stressed about the week ahead as usual.

Peace and love broham..

10:31 PM  
Anonymous death's right hand said...

Hey! nice to hear your not in a million pieces spread through the ocean from a horrible plane crash from those pesky snakes, but watch yourself around there or you will be spread about Korea from their infamous Korean mafia. try not to look like a haughty rich American too. miss you lots. are you acclimated enough to start some snail mail packages. where's the pro-wrestling? let me know! hearts n stabs!

12:00 PM  
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