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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quick update. I have class in ten minutes.

I have a cell phone now. I bought one used, but its as good as new. It's a slider with a MASSIVE screen and a touch screen. It comes with a small wand and I can watch TV on this thing if I wanted to. It's insanely cool and I spent what others spent for a lot less.

Pics will be coming shortly.

I also checked out a Korean gym. It has everything I want for about $60 American a month. I'm just worried I'm going to break some silly rule and get myself tossed out.

I went to a Korean Baskin & Robbins last night. They had pumpkin pie ice cream!!! It was REALLY, REALLY good.

Things are starting to fall into place and now that the mosquito bites are finally fading I can concentrate on finding a Korean girlfriend. We'll see....


Blogger Leaf said...

Bears are 2 - 0, not that you care.

White Sox are on their last legs. Zwirb is on suicide watch - but he might have a date this Friday so at least he has that to live for.

Good luck on your quest for a girlfriend. I suggest you start taking some Kung Fu - maybe you can find a girl like Chun Li.


4:11 PM  

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