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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Alright, I'm two days into teaching. I would have liked to have updated earlier, but when you the hottest "oiguk" in the country, it can be hard to find some spare time.

Yesterday didn't go that well. I did my best, but I found myself trying to hard to fill time. I had five classes and only one went well. Today was 10,000 times better. I was woken up fairly rudely at 9:30 am. One of the bosses wanted me to go to our Man Chan office for training at 10. I was told that this was happening on Tuesday and not Wednesday, but I offered little in the way of protest. I was shoved into a cab(they are INSANELY cheap here, an $8 or $10 is four here) and ordered in the direction of Man Chan. I spent a few hours watching training videos. Believe it or not they were actually helpful. After the videos, I was bullied into lunch with the rest of the Korean teachers(they have both English speakers and Koreans at Like School). It was about a 95 on the awkward scale. One guy wore the worst suit I have ever seen. 1,000 scholars writing for 1,000 years could still fail to capture how awful this joker's suit was. It was shiny silver with black pinstripes. It appeared to be made out of silk. Zwirb would have had a fit.

Like I said, class today was fine. We had plenty to work on and I had two kids that were out of hand. One was Mr. Badass. Staring me down and generally ignoring me. You've got to break that son of a bitch in two. I suggest cutting off one of his fingers. The little one and tell him that his thumb is next, after that he should behave. Seriously, I stuck one unruly kid in the corner for the last fifteen minutes of class. If I can stand for HOURS(thanks dad), he can last fifteen. Mr. Tough Guy just got a couple staredowns and me being less than cordial with him. He straightened up afterwards and actually did a decent job when it came to his excercises.

Last night we went out for Galbi(Korean BBQ) and tonight it was Bibimbap(rice with vegetables and an egg cracked over it, its served HOT so the egg fries in the bowl). I like the food here, I'm still not stocked up on foodstuffs, but a trip to CostCo this weekend could take care of that.

No big plans on the horizon, except that we're going to have a ton of off days in early October and most of us are planning on going to Seoul. Can't wait.


Blogger Leaf said...


Bears destroyed the packers 26 - 0. First time Farve was shut out. Not that you care.

Not much new here -- it's rained for like 3 days straight. Zwirbs been sleeping a lot. I think it's cause he stays up all night talking to women around the world.

Paul's in love. Kotch is dating some hottie who used to work with him, and I'm biding my time at the job at Nakatomi Tower.


9:03 AM  
Anonymous Your Sister said...

Better House Recaps Than I Can Write, Plus More

Home life is normal... Mom is working herself ragged between LEGO and school. Dad actually went out to IHOP (yes, IHOP) with Chuck. And by the way, I don't know if I CAN send the smokes. I don't want you to get arrested, held for 30 days with no trial, and deported. I woudl never hear the end of it if I get you kicked out of Korea... I can just IMAGINE the Passover dinners.

In other news, Rhea friended me on MySpace, Gay Dave is in a crisis, and Dad is grumping about possibly visiting you. Do you mind getting back to us about your free time situation coming up?

Love you, miss you, GIVE ME BACK MY PANTS, YOU ASS!!!

11:46 PM  

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