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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quick update for today. CostCo was bizarre. Everything that was American was really expensive, but everything that was Asian was really cheap. I bought a 24 case of a bizarre Asian energy drink for six dollars, but the coke was $25.

We had a "dinner party" at the apartment complex last night. 7 of my fellow teachers and I made a Korean/vegan feast. We did california rolls, Korean pancakes, spicy soup(I can't remember the name) among other various condiments and vegetables. In the words of some of my little kids, it was asaa!(Awesome)

I also found a dry cleaners. It's harder here than you think. No seriously.

No one uses addresses or streets. It's really hard to adjust to. They number the houses in the order they were built and good luck finding a street sign. This has been especially hard for me because I've been sent to different schools to fill in, until they decide on what they want me to focus on. It's not easy to find a building without an address, let alone tell a cabbie where you want to go. Either way, myself and the American liason at Like School(Danny) went on a quest to find the local dry cleaners. He had trouble finding it and he reads and speaks Korean. It turns out its right around the corner from my apartment.

No real shitheads as far as students go. I had another tough guy yesterday who spent some time in the corner and then he won an all expense paid trip to Mrs. Kim's office. I've never been afraid of a 50+ year old Korean woman, but I am now.

I did make a kid cry for the first time today. He got up in the middle of class, WHILE I WAS SPEAKING, and tried to steal another kid's pencil. Some Mike DeWoskin came out and he started the lip quiver, which lead to a few tears. I slapped him and told him to act like a man. Seriously, I still feel awful. I attempted to apologize in his language, but he was too busy wailing. Kind of like Sellers after I used to beat the living shit out of him at, well, EVERY VIDEO GAME EVER.


Anonymous Sellers said...

Congrats on finding a dry cleaning KOREA! Trying to find a dry cleaner in Korea must be as difficult as Leaf trying to find mana in World of Warcraft. I hope you like the mystery meal that your friends cooked for you, cuz you’re the bitch that just ate fried dog!!! And as long as you’re eating dog you might as well become a Cubs fan, cause that’s all they serve at Wrigley Field!!!!


P.S.- I know you loved the Drift.

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