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Monday, December 10, 2007

Unless you like basketball, especially fantasy basketball I suggest you skip this post after the first paragraph. You're going to be bored.

Everything is set for my vacation. I can't wait. Everything is also set for my Christmas weekend. I can't wait.

Now, my fantasy hoops team. Never before have I had a team this stacked. My starting five is as follows.

PG- Chris Paul
SG- Kobe
SF- Paul Pierce
PF-Kevin Garnett
C- My Chinese homeboy and "Matt Dewoskin All Star", Yao

That's my starting five. I dealt Al Harrington and Zydrunas Ilguaskas' corpse for Chris Paul and my future Chinese homeboy, Chairman Yi. Then, I spun Tayshaun(one of my favorite fantasy players of all time) and Tony Parker for KG. I never like trading guys like Tayshaun Prince. He's a "glue" guy, he won't dominate, but he doesn't hurt you in any categories and is good to go off for 30 points, a bunch of boards and a couple of assists at least 3 to 5 times a year. Tony Parker I hated since I drafted. He's French and for a point guard with Tim Duncan on his team, he doesn't get very many assists. I love all five of these guys, well, except Kobe. I still can't root for Kobe even when he's on my fantasy team.

The rest of my roster as follows

Kevin Durant, I wish he'd take better shots, but I'll trade some FG% for another guy that will average 20 a game.

Raymond Felton, solid player on one of the most bizarre rosters in the league. He made Tony Parker expendable.

Rajon Rondo, put him with Tayshaun on the "Matt Dewoskin All Stars." I'm going to be drafting him for the next decade. He's had some of the goofiest stat lines I've ever seen for a PG.

The Ghost of Grant Hill, I rolled the dice in the last round and added the ghost. He's officially a lifetime member of the "Matt Dewoskin All Stars."

Jamario Moon. Probably the 2nd best rookie in the league right now behind Durant. The only problem? He's a 27 year old CBA castoff. He's mainly here for blocks and boards.

Bassy Telfair. He's starting until Randy Foye comes back. I'm fine with him as a backup. Has there ever been a more overrated guy than Telfair? To be fair, he was a former Jailblazer and stuck on a putrid Celtics roster. He's in a bit better situation in Minnesota.

Jason Maxiell. Here for blocks, boards and FG%. That's it.

Josh Childress. Before his groin got hit by a bus,(I can't see the games, so I'm assuming that's what happened) he was having a fine season. He's also here for his awesome 'fro.

I get the feeling I'm going to add another banner to my collection. That's right, two banners in total and the right to call myself, "The Champ."


Anonymous Phylicia @ Ai said...

Hey Matt, how are you? Just stopped by to say hello. We miss you back here in the states. Hope your having a good time.

2:43 PM  

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