You have failed and now you must Daegu!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Quick update.

My flight is booked. I fly on 1/26 and return to Colorful Daegu on 2/8. I can't wait for my vacation. I'm very happy in Daegu, but it will be nice to see everyone, read comics, eat AMERICAN food and watch the NBA at a decent hour.

I finally met Su-Jin's puppy, Dalong. She likes me, but she hates English and thinks that I am too tall. She's not unlike my students. Speaking of, I have 90% of my kids saying please and thank you. This is a habit I like.

I had a reunion of sorts with my friends from the Pohang Experience. We're all still talking and no one has punched anyone in the face....yet.

I miss baseball. The offseason sucks.

No new adventures worth updating, but Su-Jin and I will likely spend Christmas weekend in Busan. Just to get out of Daegu.


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