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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Some days I am completely impressed by how helpful people in Korea and then there are days like yesterday.

I had questions about my winter camp schedule. My vice principal told me that I have to work at my school, while the DMOE told me that I had to go to an all girls high school in my area. I didn't care where I worked, I just wanted to get everyone on the same page. I asked "Elisha" three questions. "Where am I working?" "When am I working?" "What hours am I working?" She answered none of them. She told me someone might call me this week. I asked,"When can I expect the phone call?" Her answer? Not sure, but I should call. Okay fine, "What's the phone number?" Answer? I don't know, but here's a Korean search engine(she sent me a link to and suggested I try to find the number that way). I felt frustrated for at least 3 reasons. 1. Telling me to go to Naver is not helpful. 2. I asked at least five legitimate questions. She answered none of them with a straight answer. These are not, "What is the meaning of life," or "Why does Sellers suck at video games?"Where am I working? When am I working? What days am I working? The DIRECTOR of the zarking program should have access to this information. 3. Everyone else has this information, except me.

Somehow, she found the energy to make a phone call. She claims my emails were "unpleasant." I don't know how to make, "What is the phone number?" more pleasant. Maybe add a please. Whatever. I didn't know we had to lick each others' asses and call it being "professional." I tried to explain that referring me to a search engine is not helpful. She claims it is. I can't wait for her to ask me for something. "No problem. Just ask Naver, motherfucker!" Oh, wait more, pleasant, drop the motherfucker. Mark my words, she's going to get someone in a lot of trouble before she leaves Korea and takes a job as the most annoying HR manager in the history of time. I can only hope Zwirbco is hiring that week.

Seconds after this conversation a really nice Korean guy wanted me to play in a teachers volleyball game. I almost punched him in the face. He just picked the wrong time to bother me. I agreed to play volleyball today.

I met Kyung-su and his Austrailian friend, Winn(sp?), on Monday. We had a great time. The bar we picked was dead, so the bartender took a liking to us. A couple free beers, some free soju and fresh squid. Squid and soju isn't so bad. We had a great time. I'm looking forward to meeting Kyung-su's other Aussie friend in a couple weeks.

One of my fellow teachers has a problem. His co-teacher stopped talking to him. He came in terribly hung over, fell asleep in class(how he did this I have no idea. I couldn't if I wanted to) and she stopped talking to him. She leaves notes on his desk now. Yup, these are my friends.

I heard a random kid on the street singing the chorus to "Fucking USA" yesterday. Awesome.


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