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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Work is going well, but Friday is "Sports Day." I'm not sure what the details are, but I have to run and play soccer. I'm fine with running. I hit the treadmill at the gym 3 times a week. My legs are in great shape, but soccer....hmmmm....I just hope I don't make an ass out of myself. Its teachers vs. 6th graders. Half the teachers team is women and the other half is wussy Korean guys and me. The kids are going to school us! Seriously, these kids play soccer everday. I WATCH soccer once a week(Arsenal is dominating this year with an insanely young/talented team). I just hope the game doesn't end in a fist fight.

The special subject teachers(me included) had to clean part of the school yard for sports day. I had to use a massive Korean broom and sweep up leaves for twenty minutes with my fellow teachers. I didn't complain once.

Also, I've recieved word that I can go home during Christmas. Lesson learned? Never listen to a single word "Elisha" says. I almost sent her an email just to double check. Make sure no one at my school made a mistake. I stopped myself. Why bother? Some people won't change. Racist Korean dickbags won't change, ignorant Canadian rednecks won't change, and "Elisha" won't change. Keep a seat warm for me on Zwirb's couch. I plan to plant my bony American ass there for a week. I might even chip in for rent. You'll know when I leave, the place will stink of kimchi, the tower of comic books will have fallen over and Sellers will have hung himself with the cord of his controller(wait 360 is cordless, he'll hang himself with the HD cables). Speaking of, I bought Madden, just so I can be prepared. It's a sick game.

I just found out that some teachers are being taken to Gwangju for additional training. I'm not among them. They haven't asked me and I'm not volunteering. I will douse myself with gasoline and hug the nearest match if they even suggest that I should go. After the "Pohang Experience" I never want to be a part of a DMOE training exercise again. I don't think I'd quit, but I'd at least stand around for a minute and think about it.

Today was Halloween in Korea. We did a Halloween lesson. I wore my devil horns and Mrs. Kim(the Good Fairy to LIKE's Evil Witch, that comparison is closer than you'll ever know) wore a tiara and a waved a fluffy pink wand. If I were a kid, and I were screwing around in class, the sight of my teacher yelling at me and waving something that I would expect Richard Simmons to use while giving a lecture, it would only further encourage me. Class went well. I handed out candy and taught the kids "Trick or Treat." This is going to bite me in the ass, I know it.

Just trust me on this video....

Wasn't that worth it?


Anonymous Leaf said...

That will be kickass if you are here around christmas.

We can tie a big red bow around you and sit you on the couch with a 360 controller. Then invite sellers over and tell him we have a present for him.


I think sellers really was pissed in about kickoff return touchdowns. Why - I have no idea. He gets all freakin pissy in the message boards and then 20 minutes later is at the apartment acting like nothings wrong.

Why he be frontin' yo?

happy halloween

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Zardoz said...

Hope you can make it buddy, be great to have you visit. Personally I will not be joining in on the madden madness as Leaf and Sellers are much more schooled then me, have only played it a few times. I would suck balls, so I already concede. But anytime you want to play Warhammer Dark Crusade or Company of Heroes I am always up to that challenge. But I will definitely be there on the couch too, cant afford to go out no more, after cut in hours at work, and saving for the treks to Serbia. Going again in January. Take care brougham, see you around christmas.

Punk ass bitch.

9:15 AM  

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