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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I mentioned recently that I was asked to play volleyball in a small tournement featuring 8 teams with teachers from local elementary schools. Today we played. I'm proud to say Wa Ryong Elementary fucking dominated.

We destroyed the first team we played, 25-16. The game featured an awesome block by yours truly. Some Korean guy attempted a spike on me. It turned into a block party. Strangeness then ensued. The Korean guy playing opposite of me did what might be called a jig for about 10 seconds. It was bizarre. I can only assume he dipped into the soju a little early. They had a massive spread of Korean appetizers for each time. Included were beer and soju. At a school. And foreign teachers are called irresponsible.

Game two featured some controversy and some poor officiating. The ref claimed I touched the net. I did not. After I screamed at him for ten minutes, I gave up. Joking. I didn't protest. I took it like a man. Again, we won. This time 25-20. I dominated again. Another couple blocks. They need to learn that you don't bring that kool-aid to this gin party. It was on to the finals.

Game three was the closest of the three contests. We won 25-23. More questionable officiating. The principal of the opposing team hit the ball twice in a row. Illegal, but they had homecourt advantage. We rallied in the second half and won on an ace by a one of our fifth grade teachers.

MVP? Our Headmaster. He might be 60, but he's ten times the athlete I'll ever be. I think he could probably kick my ass. Seriously. He was all over the place. He and the vice principal were devastating. Most of the younger teachers just watched the two of them take teams apart. I would get involved when the ball came my way, but I just let them do their thing.

Just another victory for the mighty Wa Ryong Empire. Hail Wa Ryong!


Anonymous kidlee said...

I think I heard the Queen song in the background while I read this entry.

3:55 PM  
Blogger Ben Soto said...

Wow man. Sounds like you've been having an amazing time out there. Been too long. Sorry I haven't been keeping up with staying in contact with you. Got some news. My book of short stories is published. You can get it at,, and the barnes and noble website. Things are feeling like they are starting to turn around for me. A lot going on. Anyway check out the site for a preview, and you can see the cover on my blog page.

5:22 PM  

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